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Wilier Cento1 SR Road Bike 


The story of the Wilier Cento1 SR is synonymous with the story of Wilier. The Cento1 reinvented the road bike, and reaffirmed Wilier's role in the Italian dominance of the peloton. Now, the Wilier Cento1 SR is your chance for a sample of modern history. Fully loaded with technological innovation, superior ride quality, and a blisteringly fast geometry, the Cento1 is the only legitimate choice for anyone looking for the best that Italy has to offer.Before the SR, little had been changed on the Cento1 (Chen-toe-uno) since Alessandro Ballan won the 2008 World Championships on his Cento1, and that's because Wilier got it right the first time. The Cento1 is most balanced frameset in the world. The tight-wheel base geometry is coupled with a comfortable, tapered head tube. The head tube's height acts as the stabilizer to an otherwise over-excited frame geometry. This juxtaposition creates a bike that remains comfortable over the long haul, but drops the hammer in the quick moments of an attack. In other words, the Cento1 is designed for the working professional -- conserve for a 100+ miles, and then bolt with 1k to go. The frame balance is further accentuated by the unmistakable chain and seatstays design. On the Cento1, these two sections of the frame are molded from one continuous piece of carbon fiber that flows seamlessly into the top tube. This design, along with an integrated seatmast and the oversized brake mount juncture, creates a rigid rear triangle that delivers direct power transfer with minimal energy dispersion. The design also works in your favor, much as it did for Alessandro Ballan, by creating predictable stability on high-velocity descents. To ensure rigidity, the Cento1 is constructed from a 60t Mitsubishi high-modulus carbon fiber. The 'T' in 60t refers to ton, as in it can withstand 60 tons of pressure per square millimeter. Wilier used strong carbon fiber, because the stronger the carbon, the less is needed. Thus, Wilier was able to strike the perfect balance between strength and weight. The innovative spirit of the Wilier doesn't stop at its materials. The SR incorporates the new BB386EVO bottom bracket system. Don't get aggravated at the thought of another 'new' bottom bracket design -- the proprietary design is compatible with all leading cranksets. Developed in cooperation with FSA, the BB386EVO is a competitor-dwarfing 86.5mm wide and has a diameter of 46mm. Wilier estimates that the new bottom bracket increases rigidity by 30%, and reduces power dispersion to almost zero.The Wilier Cento1 SR is available in the colors Matte Black and Red and in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large.


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[Dec 13, 2013]
Road Racer


High quality bike, great new BB386evo, Stiff, light....ect


The down tube adjusters, I didn't get any Di2 Specific adapter, thus I have two open holes that will let in water in the rain or when washing it'll will eventually get around to sorting this out. though i never ride this in the rain if i can avoid it.

Bike build Overview.

Wilier Cento 1 SR
Ultegra Di2 components
FSA Lite crank bb386evo specific
PRO stem and bars
DURA ACE C50 wheels

Total cost $Allot
Time taken to acquire parts and build bike; 3months
End result; best bike out there by far. But I'm massively bias.

I must admit I've have had a secret man crush on the the Wilier brand ever since the first time I saw a lucky son of B*** riding a wilier superleggera. At the time I was on a second hand Giant TRC ONCE team, because that's all I could afford at that age. I had that bike for 5 years though.
This year (2013) I took the plunge and finally decided to build up my dream machine. I first was going to buy a wilier superleggera, but after looking up all the research (marketing) and reviews on the wilier Cento 1 SR I then decided that this SR it some high tech piece of carbon fabric! I must get this one.
I wasn't disappointed, I chose the matt black and red TRON inspired red strips. I love naked carbon, I never saw the point of buying a carbon bike with paint over it.....
The BB386evo is in my opinion is what the BB30 should of been to start with. It has the ability to accept all cranks, except cranks from BB30. Now if you're buying a frame with BB386evo splurge and get the ceramic bearings and the top of the line crank from FSA. chances are you'll never need to replace either, just the chain-rings. You wont regret it.
The ride quality is great, now I'm not a weight weenie, I don't give a crap about shaving 100g off by not using bar tape, I'm not even going to talk about weight, but trust me its light enough. I'm more focused on "Efficiency". The wilier excels at efficiency it manages to get so much pedal power down to the wheels which is due to the new BB386evo and the massive asymmetrical chain stays, they all work together to get the max amount of torque and power to the road without needing to put any more power to the pedals. (whats the point of a sub 6kg frame if it flexes like cooked spaghetti)
But honest at this price range all similar bikes are extremely good, it's really what type of style and brand loyalty you looking for. I prefer the classic top tube instead of a slopped one, characteristic to Italian bikes mostly, wilier has been around along time and as I mentioned I really like the look and design of them. I'm not a fan of a curvy fork and curvy seat stay personally but each to there own.

Gear spec, I'm not going to really go on about it, people build it how ever they want, I personally choose Ultegra Di2 because I've got the tools for all the Shimano components so I can service it myself plus I love Di2 and the truth is that Ultegra Di2 is as good functionally as DuraAce, plus is way more cost effective to replace a Ultegra components over a DuraAce component. I figure that I'm paying to service it and not some television sponsor.
Wheels, now this is a MUST! you 'need' to get at least a 40mm deep carbon rim, with a carbon brake surface (that parts important) honestly this is a MUST! buy a branded one that's been around, not those cheap Chinese Ebay ones. The bike handles way better with them. personally I manage to get a few more Km/hr out of them. I have both deep racing rims and normal training rims (Tubular tires are ridiculously priced and they get chewed ultra quick) but I love when I get to use my deep rim ones. Plus it looks BAD ASS!! I'm not kidding, everyone looks at it when its parked at the cafe' even people who don't know bikes.

Hope this help in your decision making
Wilier Cento 1 SR, two thumbs up and 5 out of 5.

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