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V2 Racing Tandem

The advantages of magnesium really come into play in the V2 tandem. Magnesium is really the only material that can produce such a light, stiff, and amazingly responsive tandem bike. Thes stout tubes make for a super stiff frame which enables us to eliminate the lateral tubes. As you might have guessed, without the laterals, we can keep the weight to a bare minimum while making the frame stiffer and stronger than any other racing tandem out there. Magnesium's unique vibration damping ability multiplies with the large tubing we use on the V2. With so much material in the right places, a Paketa tandem will be the smoothest ride you have ever experienced. In fact, the ride is so comfortable Paketa stokers never feel the need for a suspension seatpost.

With a finished weight of barely five pounds in a medium frame size, a V2 can readily be built up into a sub-24 lb. tandem (using light-weight components throughout and tandem-specific carbon fiber fork, wheels with real tandem hubs (145 mm rear) and 24 mm-width rims, and wide-range 3x10 speed gearing). Included as standard equipment are a lightweight bottom bracket eccentric, Alpha Q X2 full carbon tandem fork and Chris King sealed-bearing headset, installed. And, with replaceable aluminum rear dropouts, fitting a disc brake, with or without a rear caliper brake, is just an ISO-standard disc brake mount dropout away. Six water bottle mounts are standard, since you could find yourself much further from home than usual with your new-found speed.

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haydenahill   Recreational Rider [Aug 27, 2009]

Speed, stiffness, comfort


Price, but you get what you pay for.

Our V2 is our second tandem. We'd been riding an Aluminum framed C'Dale Ultegra equipped bike for about 7 years, and looked to upgrade to something faster when our C'Dale started to get tired. We looked at many top of the line tandems, including carbon frames. Being a Materials Engineer by education and profession, everything I read on the Paketa web site about their Magnesium framed bikes sounded appealing, and made sense. With Mg tubes, you get all the benefits of carbon, even more so (light weight, stiffness and vibration damping) with the addition of ruggedness. The Mg tubes are thick, stiff and almost dent proof, so no fear of breaking this frame. So we took the plunge and purchased a yellow V2. We test rode the bike in CO, before Paketa shipped back to us in TX, and we were blow away by the speed (+2 mph cruise speed over the C'Dale) and comfort. The bike rides like it's floating on air with absolutely no buzz from the road. This was one of those few situations where the actual experience exceeded the hype. At a finished 25 lb on the road weight, together with the unbelievable frame stiffness, it climbs and accelerates like a single bike. I'd also like give a shout out for David Walker of Sixties Cycles who spec'd and performed the build for us. If you going to buy a V2, I'd highly recommend trying to contact David Walker through Paketa to see if he will be willing spec and build it for you. If you want the utlimate in tandem bike performance, you can get it with zero sacrifice in comfort with the Paketa V2. Catch us if you can!!!

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