Kestrel Talon Tri Triathlon Bike

  • Fork: Talon Ems Sl Carbon Steerer
  • Handlebar: Profile T2 Wing Alloy
  • Headset: FSA Devolution 1/8"-1/4"
  • Crankset: Ultegra 39/53
  • Cassette: 105 12-23

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bobe123   Recreational Rider [Mar 12, 2012]

Great ride, very efficient energy transfer, laterally stiff, vertically compliant, tracks straight like a laser beam, very responsive cornering, climbs and descends very well ( I have climbed Mt Diablo well over 125 times with this bike). Comfortable bike for longer rides once I was correctly fitted - prior to correct fitting my back would become sore if more than 35 miles or so.


Not really a weakness of the bike but It took me a long time to adjust to long top tube. Once I figured out the correct positioning and selected the correct stem length all has been fine. Also short wheelbase requires some riding adjustment - tinny inputs will make the bike turn, and turn very quickly. After a little saddle time I learned to relax my hand pressure on the bars and all has been fine since.

2001 Kestrel Talon - mine is set up for road but posting here since there isn't a selection for Talon under road.
Long story short, purchased in 2001 and have ridden a little over 2k per year since, the bike now has over 22k on it. During this entire time I have not had a single problem with the frame which to this day still rides the same as the day I purchased it. Of course, I have had to replace drive train components along the way. I also upgrade the handlebars to FSA KWings (love them), the wheels to Velomax Orions (now with over 15k and never touched once in spite of taking some wicked pot hole hits) and I have replace the saddle as well. Best hobby/sports purchase that I have ever made and would do it all over again.

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