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foxrace666   Racer [Oct 14, 2002]

- the display is easy to read - not to expensive


- not so preciced - slow heart rate lecture frequence - targets setting are not precised (scale of 5) - bad for intervals training, it reads badly and pick's up your heart rates irrigularities

It was my first heart monitor and I bought it because I didn't had alot of money for the big models. But the Pacer disapointed me and I'll have to buy a new one because the information it was giving me was not accurate (ex. it was giving me a lecture aprox. 10 reps higher than the one taken manualy or with an other device). If you're training seriously, you should save a bit more your money and buy a better model from Polar, at the end it's going to be cheeper than buying an other one after a while just like I did. The Pacer is made more for a week-end jogger type of user than a person that train seriously with his head.

Similar Products Used: I tryed the vetta, Polar pro-tarinner XT and I just bought the Polar S-610 and it's great!, precided and very usedfull
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