First Endurance Enervit PRE-Sport Jelly Nutrition

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Enervit PRE-Sport Jelly

Enervit PRE-Sport Jelly (45g jellies)A carbo loader food with innovative features that can be taken up to 30 minutes before staring activity. PRE SPORT is a brand new product. Its low-glycemic index promotes utilization of body fat as the

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This product really does what it claims: it loads you with plenty of carbs to sustain a good ride without suffering the typical hunger after a couple of hours. Before a 3-4 hours ride, I take 1 at breakfast, about one hour before the ride. It does act like a miracle: I can ride without additional food but only water during the whole ride.


The taste and consistency is quite a challenge, and can be really hard to swallow at breakfast. After a few trials, I am now taking the orange flavour which I swallow together with orange juice. and that's pretty much ok.

A must try for anyone who quickly suffers from hunger during a long ride. Unlike most food product which claim a lot of miracles but do actually very little, this one truly works.

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