iBike Wireless iAero III Power Meters

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Wireless iAero III

Designed for the competitive cyclist, the iBike AeroTM offers wind tunnel measurements at your fingertips. The fully wireless iAero includes all of the features of the iBike Pro Gen III power meter and offers new, simple, and exclusive measurements of aerodynamic drag effects to help competitive cyclists go faster, easier.

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multirider   [Feb 24, 2013]

Displays power and a myriad of other data streams for more effective training
Records and downloads power and other data for later analysis
Light weight, easy to move from one bike to another


Battery life in very cold (below freezing) weather

After finishing mid-pack throughout the 2007 racing season, I purchased an iBike and began training with power. In 2008, I won 5 of 6 races. Training with power made all the difference. Prior to the iBike, I trained with HR. It was better than just training by feel, but not nearly as motivating and effective as training with power. When doing intervals, HR is a trailing indicator that takes a while to ramp up in fit individuals. Power is RIGHT NOW. I found it much easier to do 350w intervals rather than 165bpm intervals.

Riding, training, and racing with power has made a HUGE difference in my enjoyment and results.

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