Minoura LR340 Trainers

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  • Live Training compatible
  • Single Neodymium magnet
  • Quiet and smooth feel
  • Generates 433 Watt power at 40 km/h
  • 35% wider resistance range than standard Mag series
  • 1.1 kgs virtual flywheel weight
  • 7 resistance levels
  • Quick release remote shifter
  • Allows high-speed/low-resistance training

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Max   Recreational Rider [Apr 14, 2015]

Unbelievably quite and very good resistance.


Not found any yet, only have had it for a few months.

I got this one on an e-bay special for $208.00. I cannot say much about any other trainer brand, because I've only own Minoura trainers, but this one is unbelievably QUITE. You will here your Drivetrain before you here this trainer. Even when cranking at 25 - 26 MPH all your hear is a very low whine, but still quite. This thing has plenty of resistance for any level. Has 7 level settings. Pedaling feels quite smooth. Want to mimic a climb, put in on Level H, change gears to 50/12, and stand up. I can get the cadence up to about 60, but trust me you will not be at this cadence for very long, Ouch.

Similar Products Used: I still have my Minoura 500D trainer and even this trainer was not very loud, and this thing is over 10 years old and its still going.
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