Tacx Booster Trainers

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TACX Booster Cycle Trainer

This sturdy cycletrainer creates pure power thanks to its advanced magnetic brake the Booster generates very high powers at low speeds. The integrated braking system consists of two discs with 8 permanent-magnets each and a 2 kg flywheel. It can reach a maximum resistance of no less than 1050 watts. The Booster is easy to assemble and also safe, because the brake has been built in to prevent the rider from contact with the hot flywheel.

The Booster is the number 1 cycle trainer of the pros for their warm-up and training sessions, but of course this popular cycle trainer is also available to all the other riders that enjoy training with TACX.

  • Stand-alone training
  • Handlebar resistance lever, 10 positions
  • Skyliner front wheel support
  • 2x 8 permanent-magnets
  • Integrated 2 kg flywheel
  • Max. resistance 1050 watts

Oversize/overweight charge applies to this item.

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