Formula Alloy Front Hub Hubs

Alloy Front Hub

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geraldatwork   Recreational Rider [Jan 18, 2006]

Alloy, nice looking, and extreemely smooth.


The rear wheel doesn't spin quite as well as the front. When I emailed Formula they said because of the triple seals they needed a little more time to break in. They do however spin better over time. So far I have put about 500 miles on them. The rear wheel kept slipping and I had to replace the skewer with a Shamino. Now no problems with that.

Part of a wheel set with titanium spokes. I purchased a set of Velocity Wheels and they come with "Velocity "hubs but they are made by Formula. The front wheel especially spins exceptionally well and is very smooth. When I took the wheels for a quick true. The wheelbuilder commented how smooth the hubs were. He made me feel the truing stand when he spun the wheels to show me there were no vibrations.

Similar Products Used: Shamino R-550 wheels. Although an entry level wheel (and hubs) I thought they spun poorly. Hubs are heavy.
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