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Forte Road Rear Hub

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ddan   Commuter [Dec 29, 2003]

Price. It works- hold the rim and tire in place, freewheels. For the money, I am not bothered.


Tight. No adjustment of preload, and there is constant drag that has not loosened over time as I hoped.

For $70 laced with an Open Pro rim and butted spokes, seemed like a good risk to take. No real problems with the hub- it rolls, it freewheels. I even like the look. The bearings have a lot of drag and the whole hub feels tight. No adjustment- cartridge bearings located by pressure and axle design. I kept hoping that they would loosen up a bit, but after 500 miles still tight. Planning to unlace and put in an Ultegra rear hub.

Similar Products Used: Ultegra, 105, Campy Super Record, Phil Wood.
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