Shimano 105 HB-5700 Front Hubs

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105 HB-5700 Front

Shimano 105 shares a lineage with the top groups such as Dura-Ace and Ultegra, but at a budget friendly price. You won't think about price when building your wheels with the Shimano 105 hubs, but instead will be impressed by the smooth and ...

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Jason Thorpe   Road Racer [Oct 03, 2012]

Price, ease of servicing, good skewer, overall quality



I use 5700 hubs on my CX bike -- one set on the clincher training / pit wheels, and another on my tubular race wheels. I like Shimano hubs because of their overall quality and their serviceability, and the 5700 hubs are no exception. They roll smoothly, and are very easy to lace up to your rim of choice. They are a bit heavy, but I'm not going to complain at this price point -- and it won't matter much when your bike is covered with a couple of pounds of mud anyway.

As with other Shimano loose-ball hubs, with proper servicing, these should last approximately a lifetime.

If you're looking to build a dependable wheel set on a budget, these hubs would be a great choice.

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