Alex Tubular 2.0 Rims

Tubular 2.0

  • Professional level tubular design
  • Uniques aero shape rim profile

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Tom   Road Racer [May 14, 2011]

wheelset is pretty lightweight (approx. 1450g w/o tyres), pretty stiff, absolutely relaiable. Not mount it and forget ist - but enjoy it!
There are not many easy to use v-profile alloy-rims out there. This one is absolutely great.


Rims are not all black

These rims are used in a 18/24-spoke wheelset assembled with Novatec (Taiwan-made) hubs and Sapim XC-Ray spokes. This wheelset is a really lightwight and really stiff ride without anythin you have to take care about. Rims have alloy sidewalls and don't have any ptoblems with hing spoke tension. They accellerate very well, they roll, they control, they brake very well. What else would you want? Black sidewall maybe.

Similar Products Used: Tons of different alloy tubular rims such as Amrosio, Mavic, Campagnolo (flat an V-Profile).
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