Velocity Twin Hollow Rims

Twin Hollow

The single wall design makes it a great choice when you need a rim, but don’t want to break the bank.

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TheWheelman   Recreational Rider [Mar 28, 2010]

Price, finish, ease of build and truing. Design looks sound, a cross between the box channel design and the concave rims Weinmann used to make, a design which I was very satisfied with.


The "hollows" could be better blended into the walls of the rim, this could reduce possible stress risers and increase strength. Also would make cleaning easier, but these are only observations based on visual examination of the rim's design, and should be taken as such at this point

I ust got finished lacing these rims onto my hubs. they built up smoothly (DT 14ga. stainless 3X), and I was able with little difficuty to true them to an overall tolerance of >.002" in all directions. This is the closest to "perfect" of any rim I have built.

I will write another review when I get some miles on them.

Similar Products Used: Weinmann Concave (the design looks similar, anyway)
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