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Caffelatex Tire Sealant

Caffelatex Tire Sealant is different than other liquid latex sealants on the market -- it has a foaming agent that effectively creates a tire filling foam as your tire rolls down the road or trail. The advantage is that the Caffelatex foaming sealant can seal the rim/tire junction and sidewall punctures as you ride. For a sidewall puncture, other riders will have to stop and jiggle their tires to allow sealant to flow towards the damaged portion of the tire. But you'll ride right on by as Caffelatex does the job for you.Caffelatex is a liquid, latex based tire sealant. It's ammonia-free, so it won't harm your tires and rims. It's available in a 1000ml bottle that, depending on your tire size and type, will allow you to install and seal at least ten tires. Caffelatex will seal punctures as big as 6mm in mountain and 3mm in road tires with high pressures.

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Pick   Commuter [Jul 08, 2011]

Super sealing action.



Simply put I haven't had a flat in over two years. I ride 12 miles a day, before Caffelatex I would have at least one or two flats a month, no more. I also no longer have the slow leak that makes me top the air off every day. Instead I top the air off the tires once every 10 days or so. I can also inject Caffelatex through the valve without removing the core; unlike Stan's that just clogs the whole works if you try to inject it. Completely happy with my switch to Caffelatex, and will never go back to that other stuff.

Plus Richard Sachs uses Caffelatex and that guy / team just rock the Cyclocross circuit. Lenard Zinn also uses Caffelatex, he talks about it all the time on VeloNews and that's where I first heard about it. Thanks Zinn for the heads up on this one!

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