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Kenda's Konstrictor gets its name from its serpentine tread pattern. Kenda's Dual Tread Compound offers a center tread with Kenda's L3R Pro compound...

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froze   Road Racer [Sep 13, 2010]

Durable, long wearing, flat resistant, fast rolling, great dry and damp road handling.


Difficult to mount which is the only reason for the 4 star overall rating, but I perfer the tough sidewalls and can put up with the mounting hassles to get it.

I purchased a set of these tires due to the price just to try them out. Results are outstanding so far after 1,200 miles. There have not been any flats due to the very effective Iron Cloak Technology, but not sure what that is but it works, and the tread hasn't even got one cut yet even after running over a 1/10 mile area of broken beer bottles. The sidewalls continue to use the Iron Cloak belt which makes them quite stiff but you won't have to worry about sidewall damage. In addition the dual compound tread doesn't even look worn so I'm assuming they should last 3,000 mile easily. Mine have gold sides on the tread but the color gets dirty which is a given. On the road they feel supptle but not as much as others with flimsy sidewalls, but they do seem to roll faster then other tires I've had. Handling is superbe even when the roads are damp. I have not used these tires in rain yet since I try to avoid rain with this particular bike so cannot report on those conditions. These are way better then Continental, and lighter then Specialized. These are the best tires I have ever purchased in the last 30 years!!

Similar Products Used: Continental Gatorskin, GP4000's; Specialized Mondo, Armadillo's; Vredestein Fortezza SL's, and a slew of others space wouldn't allow here.
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