Mavic Yksion K10 Tires - Clincher

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Yksion K10

The Yksion K10 delivers high-end tubular performance with the convenience of a clincher. Mavic's supple 290 TPI Polycotton and Kevlar casing is lifted straight from their racing tubulars for an excellent ride quality and lively handling. Dual compound tread features a harder, quick rolling center and softer shoulders for maximum cornering traction. Nylon/Kevar reinforced puncture breaker keeps out sharp objects without adding too much weight. 116 max. PSI. All black. 700c x 23mm (23-622 ISO)

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sp3000   Recreational Rider [Nov 21, 2011]

Grip, ride quality, easy to mount, look good, fairly light.


Cut up and puncture too easily.

Note: these came pre-mounted on my K10 wheelset which I bought for a great price.

First off I believe these are re-badged Vittoria's, they say EVO on the inside.
I was riding GP4000s before these and really noticed how much of a smoother ride the K10's are, dry grip is very good wet seems ok braking etc but on really steep wet climbs the rear would spin when out of the saddle, the GP4000s didn't do this. I really like these tyres, they are very easy to mount bu hand (easiest tyre I've ever mounted) and the look fantastic, but... and yes there is a big hairy one... after a few hundred k's they start to cut up pretty easily, after 2 flats in as many days I just couldn't take it anymore. The little cuts go straight through the tyre and I really don't the puncture protection is up to scratch, a real shame on an otherwise good tyre.

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