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Schwalbe Kojak RaceGuard 700x35 Folding Tire

Kojak makes no comprimises. Its home is the road. Although the fast, sporty, tread-less slick weighs just 295 grams (35-559) it still has a RaceGuard protection belt and reflective labels. Who loves ya baby?

  • 700 x 35c
  • Race Guard
  • Folding bead
  • Speed Grip compound
  • TPI 67
  • PSI 55min - 95max
  • Black
  • 330g

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thenjrider   Recreational Rider [Dec 02, 2014]

Light. 8 or 9 oz, but about the same weight as Primo Comets at the same size of 35-406

Long lasting. Almost 2 years on the front tire with 6000 miles on it and the rear gets about the same if not damaged from cuts, slices. Compared to Primo Comets: Front Primo Comets get maybe 2000 miles, and rear gets 600 miles.

Grip was great even on wet pavement.

Reflective lettering. I think the lettering in two areas works better for being seen at night than just a round circle strip. It does look cool too.

Flats are minimal. I only had one flat on the rear tire (a drywall screw) in the two years of using these tires F/R.


The sidewalls are very easily cut by curbs and what ever else.

The sidewalls seem to crack in places after a few months of riding.

Rolling always seemed slower (and was noticed more after a good hour of riding like when the rubber I guess heats up). It could of been the 95 PSI. The Duranos roll much faster, and the Primo Comets did seem faster also (both though at 110 PSI).

I was using the 35-406 Kojak tires on my "20 inch road bike" on 20x1.5 Sun CR18 rims.

The front Kojak tire didn't seem to wear down in the 6000 miles of use in the last few years. Other than tiny holes from glass, the mold lines are still in tact. The front though started cracking along the edge of the "checkering" just after the 2013 summer was over. The tire seemed OK otherwise and was still used up to the fall of 2014.

I went through two rear Kojak tires. The first rear had a nice cut on the sidewall and needed to be replaced before the spring of 2014. The cut didn't make it to the tube, but I didn't chance it and used another tire. The newer Kojak had the drywall screw get through as the only flat I got with these tires, and it too had cuts on the sidewall mainly from the screw.

I tried the CA glue trick to patch up the slices and cracks, but I ended up replacing the Kojaks with Duranos.

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