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Cyclocross Reflex 700 x 42

The Continental Cyclocross features a great 42mm width for extra volume and contact patch. It is a super versatile tire that works great as a wide cross tire, skinny 29er, or an all-condition commuter. Medium profile knobs hook up great and roll fast while ample spacing resists packing up with mud. Black with reflective stripe on sidewall for visibility. Wire bead.

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veloborealis   Recreational Rider [Sep 11, 2010]

Cheap, sort of light (for 700x42); supple; good traction; reflective sidewall; seats easily; good on dirt and pavement


None that I can think of if used for their intended purpose

Disclaimer: I don't race cyclocross, but I doubt these heavyish 42c tires would interest the racing crowd anyway. I also switch regularly between my LHT with these Conti cross tires and a Fatback snowbike with 3.8 inch Larrys for snow and beach riding. The Fatback makes the LHT seem like a high performance racer (if you can imagine) by comparison. So keep that in mind when I brag about the ride quality of the Conti Cyclocross.

Have said that... I really like these tires. Light-ish for a high volume cross tire with a supple sidewall for a great ride. These have replaced a set of more expensive Schwalbe Marathon Cross, which weigh about the same. The Contis outshine the Schwalbes in every way. Here in Nome Alaska I use my Surly LHT on gravel roads, singletrack, doubletrack and trails that double as streambeds. The Contis have enough volume that I can run them at 50-60 psi to soak up the rougher stuff without much fear of pinch flats. They roll decently on gravel roads and pavement too, much better than the Schwalbes. Far superior in both traction and shedding mud, too. Both sets have a relective strip, but the one on the Schwalbes started peeling in the first two weeks. I haven't had the Contis that long, but it looks like the strip is molded into the tire and should stay put. I'll give these tires five stars if I end up getting a couple of seasons out of 'em.

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