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Cx Pirhanna Tubless Ready

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cxmtber   Recreational Rider [Sep 25, 2009]

Rolls well on hard surfaces. Seats firmly on Stan's rims.


Five punctures in less than 1000 miles, both tubed and tubeless, both front and rear. Not pinch flats. Not sidewall tears. But penetration directly though the tread. These tires are about as puncture resistant as riding on inner tubes alone. Swapped them for Maxxis Raze for a few months with no problems. Put the Pirhannas back on and immediately had another puncture right through the tread.
The Protect Air sealant worked on the back tire, but the front continued to ooze through the sidewalls until I doubled the quantity.

For indoor use only, and then don't run over any crushed Cheerios or you'll flat.
Hutchinson needs to go back to the research lab and create a more reliable product.
Too flat prone to keep on the bike, or even give away - burned them.
In ten years of Road/MTB/CX, I have never had such a bad experience with tires.

Similar Products Used: Maxxis Raze.
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