A-Class San Remo wheelsets - clincher

San Remo

  • Rim: A-Class "SSL" material with carbon-fiber
  • Spoke: Stainless Straight Pull Aero Black
  • Lace: Radial (272mml)

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mik   [Mar 05, 2012]

durable, look good, aluminum braking surface, aero.


heavier than other wheelsets.

I have been very pleased with my Alex San Remo wheels. They came with my Quintana Roo Caliente. While they are a little heavier than many carbon wheels and they aren't as deep and "aero" as more expensive wheel sets, I have been very happy with them. I weigh 155 pounds and these have been reliable, bulletproof wheels. I have ridden them for several years now both in training and in races. I have raced Ironman Florida twice on them and raced numerous shorter distance triathlons. I have no complaints. They have never gone out of true and I have never broken a spoke. I expect to get several more years worth of use out of these wheels.

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