Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure Aero wheelsets - clincher

Pure Aero

We’re offering the Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure Aero® rim with your choice of superb Shimano and DT Swiss 8/9/10 speed road hubs, to offer a new dimension in wheel durability and performance with a minimum amount of maintenance. This rim’s aero shape is great for logging serious training miles, commuting with heavy loads, or to anyone interested in a wheel set they can depend on. Wheels built with these rims using DT Competition 2.0/1.8 double butted spokes exhibit supreme strength characteristics and responsive performance. Pure Aero Rim® – The best 30mm Aero rim option available in the marketplace The Pure Aero rim is not the first 30mm aluminum clincher rim available in the marketplace. But in our case, that's a good thing. The time that it has taken us to develope the Pure Aero rim has afforded us the ability to sort out the good and the bad, and to design our rim precisely to meet the criteria that we wanted this rim to represent. First and foremost, we knew that the new Pure Aero® must be able to stand side by side with the world's premiere rim products in terms of finish quality. Indeed the Pure Aero excels in this regard. The rim's sidewalls are finished so smoothly via a CNC machining process such that we can true these wheels laterally to a level of precision that is far beyond necessary, sometimes down to sub one-half of one-tenth of one millimeter (approximately two thousandths of an inch). An extension of this quality also naturally aides us in building wheels with extremely consistent spoke tension, due to the fact that the sidewall's accuracy lends to precise measurements of deviation. Any wheel builder would appreciate this quality in our Pure Aero rims. Secondly, the rims are designed to be light weight, but then we actually added material to the rim's apex and the sidewalls. The result of this decision meant that we couldn't offer the world's lightest 30mm deepV rim, but that our rims would still be light weight and out last the competition. Last but not least, the Pure Aero rims, like our new Pure Race SL, Pure 29er, and Pure Trail rims, utilize an amazing anodized finish that shines beautifully and adds a depth to the rim's color. To build a custom wheel set (or just a front or rear wheel) with these rims, simply select the spokes, nipples and your choice of hubs from the below list of options. Thanks for taking a moment to check out these wheels. If you happen to find a pair on your door step, it just may be the best upgrade you ever decide to invest in for your bicycle.