CycleOps PTG3/Zipp 101 Clincher wheelsets - clincher

PTG3/Zipp 101 Clincher

Featuring Zipp's 101 alloyrim paired it with the most advanced Cycle Ops PowerTap hub to date, the PowerTapPTG3/ZIPP 101 Clincher will make an excellent training tool. CycleOps completely re-imagined the design ofprevious PowerTap models, andimproved multiple aspects ranging from rigidity to functionality. The new PowerTapG3 Rear Hub is a power meter on adiet. An 80-gram weight reduction from thepopular SL+ makes the G3 rear hub the lightest power meter in theworld. CycleOps improved on therigidity of previous models for the G3 byshrinking the hub profile and widening the flanges, ending the days of heavy,stiff, paint bucket-sized rear hubs. With the distractions of weight andstealth design out of the way, CycleOps improved the functionality and accuracy of data gathering. Forone, CycleOps moved theorientation of the electronics that transmit user data to the end cap of thefreehub body. With the new positioning, it's now possible to remove theelectronics for service without swapping out the entire wheel, equating to moretime in the saddle and fewer headaches.The new G3 is equipped with an ANT+ wireless transmitter thatsends power, torque, speed, and virtual cadence data toCycleOps' Joule or any computer unit that translates ANT+(note thatit doesn't work with Yellow CPUs.) The G3 is capable of storing up to 15 hoursof data in one-second gathering intervals, and up to 30 hours of data intwo-second gathering intervals. The G3 design still has a 'torque tube' with eightstrain gauges, yielding measurements accurate within +/- 1.5% between 40 and130 rpm.The Zipp 101 Clincher does what Zipp has beendoing with all their wheels: shattering preconceptions en route to making anamazing wheelset. The 101 looks like their 202, but it isn't just that rimtranslated into aluminum. It has its own shape. It's 30mm deep and 24.5mm wide,so both shallower and wider than the 202. The shape is designed to work bestwith clincher tires and to find the sweet spot between aerodynamics and lightweight. It's toroidal, like most of Zipp's carbon-rim tubulars. The braketracks are not parallel like on most wheels, but tip inward ever so slightlytowards the tire. The Cycle Ops PowerTap PTG3/ZIPP 101 Clincher RearWheel is hand-built in the USA. The rear wheel is available to fitCampagnolo or Shimano/SRAM cassettes.



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