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RR 21

The RR 21 DICUT® is the aluminum star in the DICUT® line-up. From the strong asymmetric 20 and 24 hole rims, to the DICUT® hubs and nail head spokes, the RR 21 is sure to be one of the top aluminum offerings on the market. Using the patented Ratchet System® will ensure easy maintenance and service for years to come.

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TP   Recreational Rider [Mar 01, 2014]

Light at sub 1500 grams. Preload bearings, 21mm rim, Aerolite/Aerocomp spokes, Customer Service, Amazing ride


Cost? Aerodynamics? Takes the fun out of owning multiple wheel sets that you will not use.

I have a few thousand miles on my set and they have become the daily wheel set. At 6' 200 lbs. in season, these handle my size and are stiff and light in performance, spinning up quickly and allowing cornering at tubular prowess. The 21mm rim gives new life to a Conti 4000S in 23mm for compliance, comfort and speed. New geometry for hub flanges asymmetric rear rim spoke drilling, and the nail spokes are why they ride nice and stiff. DT USA (Great Customer Service), provided some back-up spokes JIC that are in my tool kit, allowing me the peace of mind to ride these everywhere. Required some minor spoke tweaks out of the box but have remained perfectly true after that. For SRP a bit pricey but at street $ they are a good deal, less then building up a set of RR440's with 240 hubs and Aerolites, plus they have preload. I may get the Dicut 46H as a companion aero set, but not a priority, as these glide nicely along with your riding mates riding on 30-50mm carbon hoops.

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