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EC90 SL Carbon

If we can't convince you that the 56mm deep Easton EC90 Aero Wheelset is the faster overall wheel, then take a look at the 38mm deep Easton EC90 SL Carbon Tubular Wheelset. It's still a brutally strong wheel, just with a shallower rim depth that is both easier to steer in crosswinds and lighter for better acceleration and climbing.Rim depth is a tricky thing to get right. The slower you're going, the balance starts to tip towards weight rather than aero. How you weigh the decision is hard. Save energy on the flats to be fresher for the climbs, or spend more energy on the flats to have less weight to propel uphill. Turn your brain inside out and get back to us.The spoke nipples are internal which makes them more aero and thus faster. If the wheel is built properly, and it doesn't leave the Easton factory unless it is, the wheel won't come out of true. Ever.The hubs are Easton's R4 SL design. They're 36 grams lighter per set than the older R4 hubs, plus they include ceramic bearings (grade three hybrid ceramic), a pared down rear axle, and the lightened R4 SL freehub body. They have tool-free bearing preload adjustment on both wheels, the axles are made from 7050 aluminum, and the pawl carrier has been redesigned to be wider and have a larger diameter to improve its ability to resist flex under high-torque loads.The Easton EC90 SL Carbon Tubular Wheels use full carbon rims that are 21mm wide. They're attached to the hubs with Sapim double-butted stainless steel spokes and internal alloy nipples. The 18 spoke front wheel is radially laced while the 24 spoke rear is radial on the non-drive and cross-two on the drive. The rims, spokes, and hubs are all Black. They come with a full set of brake pads along with quick releases. Easton hand built wheels do not have rider weight limits. They're available with either a Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM style freehub body.

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Nic   Triathlete [Jul 11, 2013]

Great all rounder. Very light. Very fast. Tough rims. Great hub design with straight pull spokes.


Rear hub bearings and bearing design. 5 mm hex key too small/short/soft for recommended torque on hub end caps. Couldn't find the size of the freehub bearings anywhere on the Easton website and their customer care arrangements in the UK could not help.

I had about 1000 miles of riding on these wheels before I had to adjust the rear pre load adjusters to take up slop. Most of this was TT's so straight line riding at even power. Then I started track racing including sprints and fast cornering. I only weigh 70 kg, corners at up to 50 kph - spokes loosened off quite quickly and both the wheel and freehub bearings soon became notchy with too much play. I've recently replaced all of the bearings and trued/tightened the spokes and all is well again. I decided not to buy Easton bearings as I was disappointed in how quickly they degraded and they are not cheap if you order through a bike shop. The rear bearings are 1 x 9601, 1 x 9602 with 2 x 15267's in the freehub, all available from any good bearing bearing supplier ( cost £9.00 ). Removal and installation instructions are shown on the Easton website. I used a punch to carefully reinstall the bearings and this worked fine. It would seem from other comments that the bearings wear out quite quickly. In which case they are surely too small ? Hence my comment about bearing design. Be prepared to replace the bearings on a fairly regular basis if you ride these wheels hard. On the plus side they are fast, light, they hum and have perfectly smooth braking surfaces which have not degraded despite many fast descents under braking. No problems with the spokes, but I'm always careful to restrain each spoke against twisting when tightening up ( which can only be done with the tub off the rim ) - torque or twist kills spokes, not pure tension or fatigue, in my experience. I've whacked the rims on stones hard enough to pinch puncture the tyres - not a mark on the carbon rim edge - impressive.

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