Hed Designs Ardennes GP wheelsets - clincher

Ardennes GP

The GP has the same C2 rim design, 23mm wide by 25mm deep, you'll find throughout the Ardennes lineup. Same anodizing, same machining, same shape, but from a heavier extrusion. The result is a heavier wheel that's more durable, built for all riders, and much easier on the pocketbook. We feel like we're repeating ourselves here, but the simple change of widening the rim to 23mm is a real revolution in design. Making a rim 23mm wide and 25mm deep when most rims are around 19mm wide and 19-23mm deep is a big difference. The reason for the greater width is because of 23mm tires, the minimum tire width you almost always should be using on the road (there are 22mm clinchers; these will work, too). A 23mm rim paired with a 23mm tire changes the tire's footprint. It grips better in a straight line, and it grips better in turns because the tire deforms differently and more evenly. A 23mm tire on a 23mm rim also has lower rolling resistance. HED sent the wheels to Continental Tires for testing. Conti's engineers shrugged their shoulders, figured there was no difference, but put them in the jig and ran the tests anyways. It turned out the 23mm width has 18% less rolling resistance. And because of the smoother tire shape, the transition air makes from the edge of the tread to the sidewall to the rim wall to the end of the rim is smoother, resulting in a more laminar air flow and less aerodynamic drag. Another price savings can be found at the spokes. They're running 18 spokes with aluminum nipples in front and 24 spokes with aluminum nipples in back, but the spokes are now round and straight gauge and made by Pillar. A bit heavier, a bit less aero, but much less expensive. The hubs are straightforward by HED's standards, designed just for the Ardennes wheel application. There's a flangeless front hub, all aluminum and anodized black for radial spokes and a flanged/flangeless rear hub, also anodized black, for radial non-drive and two-cross drive side spokesThe HED Ardennes GP Clincher Wheelset comes with either a Campagnolo-spline cassette body or a Shimano/SRAM-spline body. The wheels come with HED's steel-shafted skewers and rim strips. HED does not recommend this wheelset for anyone weighing over 210lbs.




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