Mercury Bicycle Company M-Series wheelsets - tubular


The M-Series wheels are handbuilt in the US to exacting standards. At the core of these wheels is a set of finely machined, US made White Industry hubs. They feature a beautifully crafted 6/4 Titanium freehub body, an oversized 15mm axle and a lightning fast 24 point engagement.

Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes were chosen due to their strength to weight ratio and aerodynamic advantage. Nipples are often overlooked when deciding on a wheel, not here. DT Pro Lock nipples were chosen due to their overall durability and weight. According to DT “… a wheel using DT Swiss Pro Lock nipples outlives the same wheel built with standard nipples by a factor of 20.”

The M-Series rims have been tested in the Pro Peleton by the Frankie Andreu led Kenda Pro Cycling p/b GEARGRINDER team. We can’t think of a better way to test the wheels rather than have the world’s elite ride them in literally hundreds of races. We at Mercury feel we have put together the perfect wheel ; light, aero, strong.

All of our M-Series wheels include a double padded wheel bag, carbon specific brake pads and skewers. Wheels are available in clincher or tubular.

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David Park   Triathlete [Nov 07, 2010]

Wheels are very strong and light utilizing White Industries hubs,Sapim CX Ray bladed spokes and DT Swiss nipples. High quality; comparable to the Zipp wheel sets I used on my 650 Soft-ride bike.


Haven't observed any significant weaknesses with the wheels or bike.

I purchased a Mercury Trident II and M Series 80mm wheel set in early August 2010, replacing a 10 year old Soft-ride . I have competed in triathlon since the mid 80's but had essentially been out of the sport for 5 years due to work commitments. I'm retired now and very active in competitive age group triathlon. I was looking for a high end triathlon bike and wheels but not anxious to pay the high end price. I ran into a former competitor at the T-Gator Triathlon that had recently purchased a Trident II and he connected me with Mercury Bikes and wheels. Subsequently I purchase the bike and 3 wheel sets ( 59mm, 80mm, full disc and alloy training wheel set). After switching from the Soft-ride I competed in a number of major triathlons including the Age Group National Championship and Ironman Florida. I was 3rd in age group at the Nationals and first at Ironman Florida and will be competing in the World Age Group Championship in Beijing and Ironman Kona next year. I owe a lot of my success to the Mercury bike and wheels. Both are very high quality product without the high cost of comparable major brands. There was a definite step change in performance in switching from the Soft-ride to the all carbon Mercury Bike and wheel sets. The guys at Mercury (Chris and Mike) have been great to work with, have a wealth of bike and racing experience and provided a lot of follow up support to my frequent bike questions.
Overall I am very pleased with my Mercury Bike and wheel purchases

Similar Products Used: I formerly used Zipp wheels with my 650 based Soft-ride frame. I can't see any difference in performance and paid a much lower price.
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