Neuvation Cycling R28SLX wheelsets - clincher

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  • Shimano 8, 9, or 10 and all current SRAM systems or Campy versions available.
  • Rim: Deep V 27 mm rim 19 mm wide 480 grams. 24H rear Stainless Sapim double butted with alloy nipples non drive side rear. Brass chrome plated nipples drive side rear. Rear Hub 265 grams uses four precision cartridge bearings. The hub uses a 6901 and 6902 while the alloy cassette body uses two 6901 bearings.
  • 1520 grams (weight without quick release)
  • With quick release skewer (57 grams).
  • Includes rim tape
  • 700C clincher .
  • All Neuvation wheels are 100% hand-built with high and equal tension.

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    Legnano73   Recreational Rider [Sep 04, 2013]

    Just received my R28 SLW wheelset. Started by putting each wheel in my truing stand and the front one was perfectly shaped—it never wavered when spun. The rear wheel had an ever-so-slight waver—just enough so you knew it was spinning. I casually measured the inner rim distance at 17+ mm, which allows me to run 25 mm tires. The red hub, silver brake track, black spoke, silver nipple, black rim look is a good one for me. They are quiet, very tightly built and seem strong.

    I have now ridden these over a thousand miles and I appreciate how much more comfortable they are than the Neuvation R28 SL’s (narrower rim) they displaced. The key to the difference is on the SL’s I mount 23 mm tires and on the SLW’s I mount 25 mm tires. The larger tire allows me to ride at lower inflation by 12 pounds front and 17 pounds rear. While that might not sound like much pressure, it’s 18% lower in front and 18% lower in rear. That makes a huge difference in comfort. And I can say the road quality where I ride in the Northwest is at least as bad and often worse than places I ride seasonally in Nevada, Arizona and California. I’ve never had a pinch flat with the lower pressures.


    None noted in the first 1000 miles. I did remove many of the rim decals to leave only one opposite the stem to find it quicker.

    These SLX are a clear step up from the SL in comfort due to the wider 25 mm tires that fit and visually with the color choices available in my opinion.

    I had to give up my SLX’s for over a month and ride the SL’s exclusively. It was a step backward in comfort. The SL’s are still fine wheels and I have my hill climb cassette on and use that set for climbing. They are great for that, but for comfortable everyday riding, the SLW’s are a big step up.

    Similar Products Used: None--started with Neuvation wheels.
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