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By: Gary Lee

Product Description:
Weight: 7.5 kgs (~16lbs)
Wheel size: 16″-29″
Type of Resistance: Centrifugal Pressure Resistance system technology
MSRP: $319

The 1up CPR-A2000 comes into our test lab this week with high expectations. The near perfect user reviews on our site set us up to expect more out of this trainer than others we have lined up. Initially, when I first saw the trainer in person I thought it looked odd. It didn’t strike me as being very refined with the aluminum materials and rectangular/geometric shapes of the tubing bolted to some round tubing. But first impressions can be tricky, especially with this trainer!

After going over it a bit closer you notice that the construction is actually top notch and well thought out. And the aluminum material actually makes the trainer lighter while retaining strength and integrity in the design.

The quick release mechanism is pure genius. It’s simple and easy to install any bike, unlike others where you had to hold the frame of the trainer up while somehow lining up the bike and then tightening up the knobs. With the 1up you can hold the bike and just use your feet to lock it in place. And once in, you turn the knob out of the way and with the stopper there is no way to accidentally knock it open.


Then there are the telescoping legs… The adjusting knobs are easy to operate just in case you have un-level floors. My only gripe is that there should be some sort of measurement marks on the legs so you can keep track of where you adjust the legs for ease of adjustment on future set-ups.

Other notable equipment and features on this trainer is the tool attachment and the fact that you can install almost any size bike on the trainer, even a kid’s bike. Not something that you can do with most other trainers. And when not in use it folds to a very flat 6” which makes it easily storable.

With the bike on the trainer the adjustment of the flywheel took a little getting used to. I would tighten it up and find that it would slip so I’d have to get off and tighten it up some more. But per the directions, you should take the time, about 30 seconds, to test out the trainer slippage before starting your workout. Not a big deal at all.

Once on, the road feel was excellent and the unit was even quieter than any other trainer I have tried. The bike also felt solid on the trainer and the PVC feet kept it from sliding around. And as the website states, when you spin up to 20 mph or so it actually feels like you are spinning at 20mph.


Another plus is the ability to change the resistance of the flywheel. It takes a little bit of mechanical ability but it is far from rocket science. Plus the only tool you need is already included and easily accessible on the frame of the trainer. Just don’t lose the small parts like the spring or the ball bearings! But if you want to simulate hard climbing, this is a nice feature. Just not something you want to change back and forth all the time.

There have been complaints about the life of the flywheel but I did not have the trainer long enough to find out for myself. However, the common thing we hear is that the customer service at 1up is excellent. So if anything goes wrong, like the flywheel malfunctioning, 1up will send a new unit out ASAP while under warranty.

Overall, we were very impressed with the 1upUSA CPR-A2000. Road feel is great and it operates very quietly. It is also very easy to set-up, especially with the foot operated quick release mechanism. This trainer is very well thought out and constructed. And with customer service a huge factor in any purchasing decision, we are very pleased to know that 1up will take care of their customers. We highly recommend this trainer and even at the $300 range it is money well spent on the thoughtful engineering alone.

Value: 5
Overall: 5

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About the author: Thien Dinh

Thien Dinh gained most his cycling knowledge the old fashioned way, by immersing himself in the sport. From 2007 to early 2013, Thien served as RoadBikeReview Site Manager, riding daily while putting various cycling products through its paces. A native of California, Thien also enjoys tinkering with photography and discovering new music.

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  • WOW says:

    WOW and thought the trainer reviews that numbered over 350 by now was all BS. I am stoked to see you took that as a priority to review in house. I contacted them about professional sponsorship and there was no call or e-mail reply.

  • Victor Aponte says:

    Is this quieter than the Elite fluid Primo?

  • Paul says:

    I’ve had this trainer for almost 3 years now. Everything you’ve said is pretty spot on. As for the customer support, they are beyond fantastic. I had to replace my original resistance unit, after a couple months on it, the resistance went through the roof and was difficult to ride in any gear, but they replaced it no questions asked, and even shipped out the replacement unit and told me to ship back my bad one after I got it.

    My only complaint is as follows:

    The resistance will vary at constant speeds/rpm’s once the unit heats up, it’s not a lot, but it’s enough to be a minor annoyance when you’re trying to target a specific heart rate or power zone. This only seems to occur at higher speeds though.

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