About the author: John Shafer

John Shafer, a.k.a. Photo-John, is a photographer, cyclist, skier and general outdoor lover. He’s happiest when he’s on his bike or skis, taking pictures in the backcountry. He’s been on the Mtbr team since 1999 running PhotographyREVIEW.com as well as contributing photos and articles on Mtbr. John has been taking pictures since college and believes everyone can be a good photographer if they just learn a few simple rules. He loves big mountains, rocky singletrack, powder days, 6-inch trail bikes, coffee and tacos. Look for him pushing his bike uphill, carrying an inappropriate amount of camera gear in an overloaded backpack.

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Digital Cameras For Cyclists

Step up your cycling photo game with one of the ten cameras in our Holiday Digital Camera Guide. They all fit in a jersey pocket, most of them have built-in Wi-Fi, and they’re all better than your camera phone.

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POV Action Cam Shootout – Which Camera Is The Best?

Laugh all you want, but Photo-John’s new helmet is the ultimate POV action cam test rig and this shootout is the ultimate POV camera test.

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Photo Gallery: Tour of Utah From The Competitive Cyclist Team Car

This weekend, I had the opportunity to ride in the Competitive Cyclist team car on the sixth and final stage of the 550 mile (885 km) Tour of Utah. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be in a team car so I jumped at the opportunity. It was a 76.7 mile (123.5 […]

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