Featured User Review: Colnago CX-1 Road Bike

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Featured User Review: Colnago CX-1 Road Bike
by Dogpilot

Price: $3800.00 at Carbon Connection
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5

Favorite Ride:
Dean Duke

Bike Setup:
Full SRAM Red with compact crank 11-26 cluster. I have a full size crank for the flats with an 11-25. I live up in the mountains, so I need to climb, but want speed when I go down to sea level.
Tires: Vittorio Rubino Pro
Handlebar: Colnago HB 02
Saddle: Colnago Prologo Z3
Seatpost: Colnago Carbon

What’s not to like!

I tried out a few different bikes concurrent with this one, a Focus and a Litespeed. All have their merit, but this bike had better feedback with the road, it literally sings. I had been riding a Litespeed titanium for a few years before this one, so it is a bit a a feel change. When I got home I took it out for what was to be a quick ride, 15-20 miles to get the feel and do some fine tuning. I snapped out of my reverie at 35 miles later and had to cut it short due to thunderstorms or I would have ridden all day.

I don’t know if this bike generates some kind of un-reality field, but my rides have all averaged 3-4 mph higher average on the road and 5-6 mph faster on the rollers as measured by my Garmin Edge 800 and tracked in Garmin Training Center. So I am very impressed with the bike. I have an old Colnago Mexico with C-Record, I always liked its geometry the best of any bike, so when I wanted to upgrade, I really felt Colnago would keep the feel of the older frames in its new bikes. I am not disappointed. On the downside with a carbon bike vs a Titanium bike. A Ti bike does not have to babied, scratches just buff out with WD40 and a ScotchBrite pad. If I scratch this one; arghhhhh! So now I have to find some kind of bag to put it in when I transport it in the car (heaven forbid I put it on the roof).

I had never rode SRAM Red before, being mostly a Shimano Dura Ace or Campy C-Record before that. I am thoroughly impressedwith the transmission and brakes. It was a quick and intuitive change in shifting method. The brake levers are comfortable on the hoods and have better positioning in the drops. Speaking of drops, this is the first bike I have felt good in the drops in a while. Being older, 56, feel and comfort are important. I go for distance and consistent speed. I can’t have a bike beat me to death by transmitting every grain of sand’s micro bumps directly to my old joints. I also live in the mountains in FLagstaff, Arizona at 7,000′. So a bike that can take long climbs out of the saddle without flexing, is important. It also has good stability during high speed descents.

I feel this bike is good value for the dollar spent. The SRAM Red is great. Campy Super Record would have added snob appeal, but not improved the riding experience one iota.

Strong, excellent geometry, cool graphics, I would have put the water bottle bosses a bit higher, like 1/2 inch forward

Well it is expensive,, I would have put the water bottle bosses a bit higher, like 1/2 inch forward

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