Featured User Review: Felt Z85 Road Bike

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Featured User Review: Felt Z85 Road Bike
by klmmicro

Price: $1075.00 at Bicycle Warehouse
Overall Rating: 4 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5

Bike Setup:
Stock headset, bars and drive. 2010 Ultegra BR-6700 brakes. Forte Carbon/Titanium seat. Conti Ultra Race 700×23 tires and featherweight tubes.

Favorite Ride:
Cardiff to Oceanside Harbor

Mine is a 2011 model with many pieces from the new 105 group set. This is a great all around fun bike. I ride it as a commuter and recreation/get in shape bike with the occasional street race. I tried several bikes when searching out a replacement for my aged Trek 1400. This one came home with me after only 5 miles of test miles.

Comfortable and ready to climb the hills that are everywhere around my home town. The downhill bombing brought to light a lack of confident braking power, but that is easily fixed.

I have shaved over a pound from the stock weight by just changing out a few simple components. Tires alone bit 12 ounces. Another 5 with a seat change. The brake swap was a wash.

All in all, this would be a great bike off the floor for most flat land riders. It should be a great bike for climbers, though attention is required for downhill racers. It is not the latest carbon fiber racing frame, but anyone wishing to have a great aluminum road bike would be hard pressed to find a better value.

Good ridged and strong aluminum frame. 10 speed 105 drive group. The frame has a great geometry for the way I ride. At a hair over 20 pound curb weight without water, it is not too heavy. Swap out a few of the heavier components and you can easily shave a pound.

Brakes are no name that left a bit to be desired. While they stop the bike well on flat lands or light down grades, they are weak on steep or fast descents. I changed them out to Shimano BR-6700 series. The stock tires are serviceable, but heavy. Good for spares I guess. Seat is a gel type that is comfortable in the back, but the horn is pretty wide. It is also heavy.

Similar Products Used:
Trek 2.1, Fuji Roubaix.

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