Featured User Review: Pinarello FP7

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Featured User Review: Pinarello FP7
by humpside

Price: $4500.00 at Helen’s Cycles
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 4 of 5

Bike Setup:
SRAM Red, Integrated Pro Reynolds handlebar/stem combo, Time RXS Carbon pedals, Reynolds MV32 UL C, Continental GP4000, Sidi 6.6 shoes

Favorite Ride:
PV Loop

I’ve owned a lot of bikes. I’ve been a huge fan of Scott, especially their CR-1′s. So that is my benchmark against the Pinarello FP7, which is kind of funny because the Pinny costs so much more. Upon testing the FP7, my first thought was that it’s a bike for an old man. It’s way too smooth and doesn’t have the sharp response that my Scott has. It’s also noticeably a lot heavier, but that may not be a fair since my CR-1 is 14 lbs. I test rode this several times (after all, it is a $6k bike) and the more I rode it the more I understood it’s characteristics. Though it is heavier, it’s not less responsive as I initially thought. It’s just a lot smoother. I know this b/c I rode the exact same route on my CR-1 and my average and top speeds were the same. So in summary, here’s what I can say about the Pinarello FP7. It’s not a light bike, but it rides extremely well. If you ride on roads that can be rough (which LA has plenty of), you’ll notice the benefit of a smoother ride. I like the twitchy responsiveness of my Scott and that’s exactly what the FP7 does NOT have. Think of it this way… The Scott CR-1 is more of a Porsche 911 turbo; push the throttle and you’ll feel the power fishtailing you all over the place. The Pinarello FP7 is more of a Bently. It has just as much power, but you’d never know because it’s so damned smooth which makes it that much more comfortable. Is it worth twice the price? It is if you can afford it, because I will admit, it does look twice as nice. The Pinarello FP7 is one of the sexiest looking bikes on the planet!

2 major strengths… It’s smooth as heck and the size availabilities. One of the reasons why I own the Pinarello FP7 and the Scott CR-1 is that there are not too many high-end bikes that are available is super small sizes. These 2 have that luxury for us shorter folk.

2 major weaknesses… It’s not in the weight weenie category. And the price is high. You definitely pay for the brand name and the bling factor. It arguably has an extremely high bling bling factor. Even with my sub 14 Scott CR1 bike being fitted with the best components, it doesn’t get nearly as many second looks as the Pinarello FP7.

Similar Products Used:
Pinarello Prince (2005 aluminum), Cannondale Synapse 3, Colnago Master (steel), Scott CR-1 SL (2006), Scott CR-1 Pro (2010)

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