Featured User Review: Selle SMP Dynamic Road Saddle

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Featured User Review: Selle SMP Dynamic Road Saddle
by Artur N

MSRP Price: $240.00
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5

Quality, design, comfort in any situation.

Price, but you pay for an outstanding saddle.

Bottom Line:
I always considered that saddles are the most important componet on a bike – and the most personal as well – and in 30 years of bicycling ( I am 55 yo ) – either MTB or Road – I had always very good saddles -Flites, SLR Transam,,San Marco’s Concor Light and Arami Night Train .

None of the above mentioned saddles gave me trouble, maybe because when adjusting each of them, I was always very careful and methodical. I like unpadded saddles or minimal padded saddles.I consider that too much padding does interfere with my pedaling and overall “discomfort”. So I always had unpadded saddles – I used for a long time a Flite Evolution – carbon/titanium rails – which is very flexible and I always had in mind that the shell of a saddle should be a bit flexible. All the above are flexible saddles. I stopped bicycling during 4 years and when returning to the sport – last August – I decided to buy a brand new saddle to my road bike, as the Arami was a bit old !

My first choice, would be a Fizik Kurve Snake – flexibility, remember ? – but I started to look more carefully to the SMP range ! I always had saddles with a cut out – the Flite carbon does not have the cut out but never caused any numbness in my lower parts – and the approach of SMP started to make some sense: very hard shells – your energy goes directly to the pedals and is not lost on the flexibility of the shell – several degrees of padding, according to the model you choose – and two main designs: the Composit family and the Forma family. The Dynamic belong to the Forma family and it is a Forma with a very thin layer of high density foam. After reading this great article and being undecided between the Stratos and the Evolution – I decided for a Dynamic

Well, I bought it through the internet – was the first time I bought a saddle without touching it – a risky buy, considering the price – and when it arrived I was amazed with the quality of it! But quality is one thing, comfort and efficiency is another thing.

Well, I mounted the saddle as instructed in the complete leaflet that was inside the box – I have not leveled the saddle as instructed , as I prefer to have the beek of it a bit lower, let’s say, 2mm, and the saddle centered on the rails – and went for my first test ride of 35 kms, mainly for adjustments. It is a hard saddle , a tough shell ( no flexibility whatsoever ) and the little amount of padding is enough for the road irregularities. Let me tell you that part of my training circuit does include pavement very similar to the Roubaix-Liege race – and very smooth to very irregular tarmac. I decided to lower the beek a bit more – it is now with +/- a minus 4 mm and push the saddle a bit forward ( 10mm ). So far, so good! Next day, I went for a 70 kms ride and surprise: after 5 minutes, I just forgot the saddle, and the cut out is extremely efficient when on the drops: I do not feel any pressure, which I did in all other saddles!

But the “proof of the pudding” came when I had to make some commuting cycling, normally dressed with jeans : unbelievable, it seemed even more comfortable ( when training, I use shorts with not too much padding, anyway ) but being with jeans without any padding, was a surprise on the Dynamic. I could not believe it! Amazing.

As per the price, well, it is nor cheap but the best saddles around are not cheap anyway, so I considered a very good investment.

However, a word of advice: fine adjustments are crucial for the overall comfort and when you got it right, you are probably seated in one of the best saddles – if not the best – I have came across in 30 years of bicycling.

A great ” do it all ” saddle that justifies the price it has! And it is so well built and finished, that I suspect that it goes to last forever.

I have made the right choice and I am very happy with it, with no regrets!

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Thien Dinh gained most his cycling knowledge the old fashioned way, by immersing himself in the sport. From 2007 to early 2013, Thien served as RoadBikeReview Site Manager, riding daily while putting various cycling products through its paces. A native of California, Thien also enjoys tinkering with photography and discovering new music.

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  • Alex says:

    it is not for everyone. I took it for 70mi test ride and made few stops for adjustments. 1st hour was not comfortable enough then I found a right position and the next 2 hours was fine. After 3 hours the saddle turned into a torture device. Usually I my butt back and forward to get some rest but with this saddle it is almost impossible! The next day I gave it another chance with the same success.

  • hecbom says:

    I suffered with numbness over the years so two years ago I made the decision to buy an SMP after being given the opportunity to borrow one from my LBS. As a result of my two week trial, I bought the Evolution and for me, it was the saddle I should have bought years ago. Being very satisfied with this particular saddle I then bought for my second bike a Lite 209 but I did not realize it had a lot of padding on it but was incredibly comfortable, giving me the sensation that I am not sitting on a saddle at all. Last January, I bought a new frame and ended up building a new road bike, and this time, I decided on a Dynamic Carbon. Of all three SMP’s this is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat on. My training rides are mainly in the mountains here in So Cal and 100 mile rides are not out of the ordinary. I highly recommend these saddle but try one before you buy.

  • lee says:

    Ive a lite 209 and people just don’t get it when I get and explain how good they are. I try and say ‘when the pressures on – its not…but they still don’t get it, for some reason. So, buy one – 3 little words. Just like I luv you, because you’ll luv it – when you realise !

  • ron says:

    Love the saddle, but the “leather” is very thin and fragile. After a month I noticed wear.
    Had Stelle prior to this one that lasted ten years.

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