Featured User Review: Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX

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Featured User Review: Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX
by colnago888

Price: $60 at Veloswap
Review Date: November 4, 2010
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5

Bike Setup:
Colnago CT2 HP, Campagnolo Record 10, Mavic R-Sys SL, Zero Gravity Negative G, Deda Arimo and Spectrum, Selle Italia Max Flite, Keywin CRM Titanium pedals.

Favorite Ride:
Ironman Route – Penticton BC Canada

Okay, at first, I was asking myself what all the fuss was about these 320 tpi Vittorias. After riding it for the first time today, I finally know first hand that I will NEVER go back to 120 tpi on a dry day and clear pavement. These tires are freakin’ amazing. At 120 psi, these tires reduced the rattling from the carbon brake levers to a muffled vibration – NO JOKE. The Continental GP4000s and the Michelin Pro3Race are definitely great tires, but they are quite harsh at 120 psi. I have read the comments regarding punctures and air leakage, but these tires are claimed “special event” or race-day tires so I will definitely make sure these tires are ridden on those special days. I will definitely be looking forward to those dry days when I can ride the Vittorias over the Conti’s or the Michelins.

Extremely supple, reduced the rattling of the brake levers on rough pavement to a muffled vibration. These tires are very very comfortable to ride on – NO JOKE. They are worth the price, but do remember, that these are race-day tires and should only be used on those special days. I love the markings on these tires – if you know tires, the markings are distinctively Vittoria’s.

Air leakage of about 40 psi over 4 days, but I pump my tires before every ride, so a non-issue for me. Knowing that these tires easily puncture, and weaker sidewalls, I will make it a point to ride them on special event days. These are not commuter tires, people – reserve those days for your less expensive 120 tpi tires.

Similar Products Used:
Michelin Pro3Race, Continental GP4000.

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  • markbikes says:

    A good product review but… you also happen to be riding (perhaps) the stiffest clincher wheelset on the market. Any tire is going to feel harsh at 120 psi on a set of R-SYS. Also, with the Pro3Race, they’ve got a recommended inflation range for a rider’s weight. They max and 116psi.

  • Durishin says:

    I concur with the reviewer. Wonderful, supple tires. They are absolutely confidence inspiring in the turns and very comfortable. But fragile. But on clear roads, I’d ride no other clinchers!

  • eric says:

    i have a specialized tarmac expert SL3 switched from the specialized tires that first came with the bike quickly to vittoria rubino pro 700-23, which i use for riding in general change them around 1500km ,the roads i ride vary greatly and can have all kinds of messes, run at 128 psi at 120 smoother ride , for special rides i have a set of easton wheels with the open corsa evo cx 320 tpi run at usually 128 psi , with a max at 1000km found the tires become soft and cut up from grim on roads, great handling in corners ,especially while leaning in they will hold , however do not try the same with the rubino pro tires they will slide out from under you as i learned the hard way this september,tore up the ligaments holding my clavicle at the shoulder, plus concussion and this was under very good road conditions, logged 6342km this past summer ; will install new rubino pro for start of season , and a new open corsa evo cx tires on my eastons, i do like the open corsa tires for special rides ,ex granfondo events , otherwise with time they do tend to get cut up , you can feel with time how the tires are reacting and when it is time to change feel like they are going flat when you arrive at the sports shop and tire psi is fine , i ahd 1540km on them , changed both tires and tubes for new ones , anyway just my experince using these tires,

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