How To: Get Home After Slashing Your Tire’s Sidewall (Video)

How To Video

A slash in the sidewall of your tire typically means the end of your ride. But with a little McGyver ingenuity it’s possible to get back on the road and get home. Here are some tricks from our friends at the Global Cycling Network that just might save the day.

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  • Matt says:

    Seems he forgot about the reliable dollar bill/pound note solution.

    • Mikey says:

      I agree, Matt. I too thought this would mention a dollar bill. Very flexible and thin. Hadn’t thought about a leaf before, though.

  • Ric says:

    Since it’s now legal many places….I thought that marijuana leaves in the tool kit could be a fix…and also for the tire stuffing when one does not have a spare tube, so you will need to carry a few lbs. of it. :)

    ps..don’t smoke and never will…anything.

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