(Updated) How To: Make Perfect Espresso — and Cappucino

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The espresso shot is the most perfect expression of coffee. And great espresso is a cyclist’s best friend, waking up mind and body, preparing you for the cycling adventure ahead. But a bad shot of espresso is like drinking black tar – bitter and burnt. A great shot of espresso, however, has a wonderful aroma and can reveal many flavors underneath that naked coffee flavor. Check out this How To video from our friends at the Global Cycling Network. What are some your tips for pulling the perfect shot of espresso at home? What beans, grinder and machine do you use?

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Not an espresso fan you say? Prefer a little diary with your caffeinated goodness? Then let’s find out how to make the perfect cappucino.

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  • Mark Wynn says:

    A lot of freshly ground coffee beans in a French press can make a breakfast cup that rivals the best expresso machines. Use double+ the beans as you would for an expresso cup. Grind coarse. Dump in a couple egg shells, washed, and a pinch of sea salt. Microwave or boil designer water, such as Smartwater or other purified water with slight minerals added, such as Dashini. Pour boiling water over the grounds in the French press, and stir vigorously until you see that nice, “crema” on top. Put the lid just atop the press. Wait two minutes. Press down the press. Pour. Enjoy. Very rich like expresso, with a crema top, but smooth, due to the egg shells and salt. In the Air Force we call this “crew chief coffee.” Egg shells and salt help the coffee stay smooth on long, 3-12 hour flights.

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