Interbike 2013: New Carbon Clincher Wheels From Rolf Prima

Interbike Wheels

Rolf Prima has updated its road wheel line with a pair of new carbon clincher offerings, the 42mm Ares4 and 60mm Ares6. Both wheelsets utilize carryover technology from the company’s popular tubular wheelsets that already existed in the Eugene, Oregon-based company’s expansive library of aftermarket road, mountain and TT hoops.

Key features include what Rolf Prima calls its Delta Technology a rim profile shape that’s wider in the middle of the sidewall to improve airflow and stability in straight-on and crosswind situations. The wider rim is designed to be both faster and offer additional tire support for improved corning and handling. Max width is a bulbous 27mm.

Hubs are designed by Rolf Prima and manufactured by California’s White Industries, and all the new wheels feature Rolf Prima’s patented Paired Spoke technology, where spokes are brought to the rim in pairs, neutralizing left and right outward pulling forces, yielding wheels that stay truer and are comparably lighter due to lower spoke counts, claims Rolf Prima.

MSRP is $2299 per wheelset, and the wheels can be mixed and matched. There is also an 80mm rim depth Ares8 for those looking for even more aero benefit, and a new disc option, the Ares4 Disc, which runs $2399.

Claimed weights for the wheels are 1375 grams (Ares4), 1590 grams (Ares4 Disc), 1560 grams (Ares6) and 1790 grams (Ares8). Spokes counts are 16/16, 20/20, 16/16, and 12/16 respectively. The Ares8 has a 21mm rim depth.

Rolf Prima also announced that it’s planning to open an alloy rim manufacturing facility at its small headquarters in Eugene. “While the industry moved just about all alloy rim production offshore years ago, Rolf Prima is bucking that trend and bringing their rim metalwork in house,” said Rolf Prima owner Brian Roddy. “We joked about ‘what if…’ enough times that we decided it was time to put our heads down and make it happen. At first it seemed impossible, but we’ve got deep experience in rim design and a lot of motivation. We’ve always designed and developed its own custom rims, but have now decided that they wanted more control over the process.”

Interbike 2013: New Carbon Clincher Wheels From Rolf Prima Gallery
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