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Cutting edge nutrition company launches hydration and recovery product-system based on proven, peer-reviewed science

Conventional wisdom in the endurance sports drink world holds that itʼs optimal to have both electrolytes and carbohydrates in the same formula, to essentially turn a fluid into a fuel. Launched today and founded on the philosophy of, “Hydration in your bottle, food in your pocket,” Osmo Nutrition aims to not only challenge that assumption but to turn it on itʼs head.

The company is unveiling its initial, four powdered-drink product line in Sonoma County, California around the start of the Amgen Tour de California.

All of Osmo’s products are based on the peer-reviewed scientific research of noted Nutrition Scientist and Exercise Physiologist Dr. Stacy Sims, MSc, PhD. Osmo Nutrition’s hydration and recovery products deliver proven performance benefits to help athletes perform and feel their best. The companyʼs formulations take a systematic approach to hydration and nutrition for athletes that focuses on what the body needs at specific stages of the exercise and recovery cycle. Dr. Sims has spent over 15 years conducting research in the lab and field developing Osmoʼs leading hydration and recovery formulas, working with the likes of Lance Armstrong, the Slipstream Sports professional cycling team, the USA Olympic Track and BMX teams and many top Triathletes including Dan Hugo.

“Osmoʼs products are designed to work with the bodyʼs natural responses to exercise and adaptation,” said Dr. Sims. “Specifically, each formula works at a particular point of the exercise/stress cycle and allows the body to minimize the stressors of exercise and maximize the repair. The focus on hydration is to enhance total body water as inadequate hydration is a huge performance limiter. The focus on recovery is two fold: 1) to give the body what it needs immediately post exercise to shut down the breakdown stress and start adaptation and repair; and 2) to work with the bodyʼs natural repair cycle that occurs during quality sleep. A double hit of recovery means faster adaptation and quicker gains in performance and potential.”

While Dr. Sims is Osmoʼs Chief Research Officer, Osmoʻs Chief Executive Officer is Ben Capron, former Chief Brand Officer and Global Marketing Director for Specialized Bicycles.

“Osmo exists to help athletes feel and perform their best,” said Capron. “The way we see it, if you have a body, youʼre an athlete. So the opportunity is huge because the market is big and because proper hydration and recovery are the significant improvements to performance an athlete can make. Stacyʼs established science enabled us to create the most effective hydration and recovery products on the market.”

Osmoʼs product formulas are based on Dr. Simsʼ real world fieldwork and peer-reviewed science and use exclusively natural and organic ingredients. The company is launching with a line of four sports drinks that address an athleteʼs needs before exercise, during exercise, immediately post-exercise, and before sleep.

Two of Osmoʼs products assist in hydration and two focus on recovery:

  • Osmo PreLoad Hydration is a hyper-hydrator and buffer designed to be consumed prior to exercise and was specifically developed for use prior to hot events, time trials, and high intensity efforts. It increases total body water available during exercise and employs two different buffering compounds so you can perform longer and stronger in hot conditions and at high intensities.
  • Osmo Active Hydration is a during-exercise hydration drink and is optimized to work with your bodyʼs fluid intake system to help delay fatigue, boost endurance, and maximize cardiovascular efficiency while reducing cramping. Osmo Active is the most effective way to transfer fluids taken in by mouth to the places where they are most needed to stave off dehydration and its negative performance impacts.
  • Osmo Acute Recovery is a post-exercise recovery product. It maximizes exercise recovery by giving your body the nutrients it needs to stop the breakdown effects of exercise and facilitate the immediate recovery process. It maximizes adaption and performance gains.
  • Osmo GoodNight Recovery is a pre-sleep recovery drink designed to be consumed just before bedtime during consecutive days of hard exercise or an extreme single-day effort. The antioxidants, glutamine, zinc, B-vitamins, protein, herbs and fruits help you rebuild muscles and combat the side effects of hard exercise and get into the restful sleep. The result is you wake up as fresh and strong as possible.

A brief overview of Osmo’s 4 products -

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