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Recently, we met with the energetic folks from a local company, Kangatek. They introduced us to their innovative new product, the KangaTek Go personal holder. It is a new approach to the backpack and fannypack. It is neither since it is sleeker and more accessible, yet it fulfills some of the same function.

Essentially, the KangaTek Go is a bag that looks like a wide strap worn across your chest. It has 4 pockets or separate compartments throughout the wide, colored area. The compartments different-sized and can be easily opened by a hidden zipper. It is adjustable in length and can be worn on either shoulder.

This pack has 101 uses but since this is a cycling site, we’ll explore its functionality as a cycling accessory. We tried it on the mountain bike, road bike and commuter/cruiser bike. In it, we put a camera, cell phone, gps, water bottle, Ipod, keys, maps, food, and many other interesting items. We believe that the best for it now is as a commuter bag. The commuter cyclist is a bit more upright and relaxed and has the need to access several things during the ride. The road bike or race bike position is a bit too hunched over and will cause the KangaTek Go to droop down. The mountain bike application is a bit rough and bouncy that the Kangatek Go can get bounced around the chest.

As a commuter/cruiser accesory, this worked quite well. The cell phone, Ipod and keys were within easy access in the first pocket. Wallet, and food were easily available as well. And I like to carry a digital camera around and that fit in quite well in one of the pockets. The biggest advantage of using this carrier as opposed to sticking accessories in a backpack, jersey pocket or pants pocket is things are easy to access. One has to stop of course but answering the cell phone, adjusting the ipod, using the garage remote are all easily performed.

Some of the things we liked about it are the easy access, cool design and colors, storage capacity and flexibility of wearing positions. Some of the things we didn’t like is the neoprene material had a strong rubber smell to it when new. Also it keeps the shoulder area a bit warm on hot days. Some folks at the office did not like the way it looks so you’ll have to decide if you like the styling.

But it is 10x better than the fanny pack. And we like that it keeps you close to your many ‘essentials’ while enjoying the outdoors.

This should be available in retailers soon but you can buy them directly from the manufacturer website below.

Retail is $40.


Here is an informational video from Kangatek

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  • Anonymous says:

    Interesting idea, but I don’t think it really services outdoor activities like running an cycling very well. In my experience, the chest and back area should be kept free to help keep the body cool during perspiration or hot weather. The wide straplike design appears to cover about 3-4 inches wide of surface area across your body’s core.

    This would make a better urban city pedestrian style accessory than a sport related one.

  • Anonymous says:

    I purchased Kangatek’s Go recently and have found it very helpful. What I like most about it is that I can keep all my things like my wallet, keys, iPod, camera, etc., in one place and when I change clothes I don’t have to unload everything and reload it all again. I just take off the Go, change, throw it back on and I’m off. Also, when compared to the alternatives like a backpack, the Go is a good deal less cumbersome.

  • tony says:

    i just got this bag in the mail today got mine for $22 on amazon for the black however other colors are $39. meijr also sells it for $39 but its only online not in stores so you cant really go try it out like id like to. i was wrestling between this and the crosspaq i think i woulda liked crosspaq better but was’t gonna spend the extra $17. im gonna do a youtube review of it later today so checkout my youtube channel which is rulesforrebels. ill show how it fits on your body plus the features. initial things i notice good and bad the cellphone holder is too small for my evo its cramped and hard to fit my phone in with the headphones connected. i doubt the newer larger phones like the samsung s3 will fit. wish the wallet pocket was a little wider it wont fit a bifold wallet only a trifold. wish the two larger pockets was maybe one larger pocket and another segmented as your items bunch up in the larger pocket. also larger pockets aren’t large enough to hold a standard envelope which i would ike it to be able to fit. ill do a fuller review at http://www.rulesforrebels.com

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