Lance Armstrong: “Yes, I feel like I won races.” (Video)

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In his first public interview since confessing his doping past to Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong sat down for this candid interview with Outside Magazine. Topics on the table include his seven revoked Tour titles and how life has changed since his days as the world’s most famous (and infamous) professional cyclist.

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  • Rex says:

    Very humiliating… Let’s just move on and enjoy the ride!

  • Max B says:

    You don’t leave those 7 tours as ?? , since those who placed 2nd and 3rd are also admitted dopers. Think about this, if every tour contender was doping, prettty much everyone was using the same method ofdoping, but why didn’t they win the Tour?
    Like he said in the interview, he still had to train and train hard. Those who relied on the drugs as the road to Victory did not do the other aspects of cycling: Ride your bike ALOT, keep the weight off, Ride your bike ALOT. So who won those 7 tours?

  • Muzz says:

    Drugs aside, I have not seen anyone organize a team to be where & how they want to be, To win.

  • william Lopez says:

    Lance you are the best.

  • Frank says:

    Lance is the KING. if you doubt that your lying to yourself.

  • william noah says:

    He cheated, he got caught, he’s still alive! RIDE ON!!!

  • .... Saunders says:

    IF YOU LIKE YOUR “INSURANCE (or Doctor), YOU CAN KEEP YOUR INSURANCE. PERIOD.” All Lies, false statements; untruthfulness, on and on….

    BOTH of them LIED, DECEIVED and CHEATED ALL AMERICANS. One Confessed (finally), in my opinion; it took courage and leadership on his part to do so. On the other hand, one refuses to take responsibility for his action while in Office.


    One is still doing tom foolery and shanaghins as US PRESIDENT and no know seems to care or do anything about it. Wait… He is COOL, right?

    But, we are quick to react against one cyclist (he confessed and is over….).

    What about the other LIAR?

    Hey Lance,… I wish you and your Family the Best. If you ever want to go out on a ride, let me know. I am in Cape Coral, FL. ALL FLAT and NO MOUNTAINS to deal with….

  • Tom Law says:

    As Steven Greene posted above, Armstrong should/could be in jail.

    As far as being a criminal (in the USA), Conspiracy, Perjury, Fraud are all offenses you could easily be jailed for.

    In Europe doping is a crime. I wonder when he will try a vacation to Europe and possibly risk arrest?

    He is an effing dope as a human and a mediocre cyclist when off the meds.

  • debra crosby says:

    Did he cheat? Yes. Was he an arrogant jerk? Absolutely. Did he win? Of course. The reason they can’t give the prize to anyone else is that everyone else who stood on the podium with him all those years doped, too! It wasn’t right, it should definitely change. But it’s not like Lance didn’t train, bust his butt working constantly to race better, didn’t work hard. He absolutely did. And he’s paid a tremendous price. One he deserved to pay. But cut him some slack. Let’s get past this. Maybe Lance’s legacy will be that, by failing in such an epic manner, he made things change for the sport — for the better. This is like the classic Greek tragedy involving hubris. The gods have gotten their revenge. Now let Lance get on with his life.

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