Peter Sagan Parks His Bike (On the Roof of a Car)


We already knew that Slovakian wonder kid Peter Sagan had skills on the bike. But apparently he’s also an aspiring valet. Don’t try this at home kids.

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  • Brian says:

    Neat trick. I can’t believe Cannondale and FSA/Vision condone it. Gets their name out I guess.

  • Paul Ludden says:

    He doesn’t care about denting the hood . . . it was worth it to prove he has originality and mad skills. No ramp needed at that speed. It wouldn’t be worth posting if it was edited – Sagan’s got no need to use phony tricks. It’s not that unbelievable – he did it just like you see it. Dude’s a badass.

  • Dave says:

    guys, he rode up too smoothly.. there was a ramp. in trials you need to hop the rear on to get it that high.. by the time the rear wheel touches the bumper he would have been in a vertical position with front wheel facing up.. thus requiring a hop to the hood.. he did not hop.. in the video he simply rolled up.. a ramp was used…

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