Stages Power Meter Updates iOS App and Firmware

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Stages Cycling’s first update to the iOS StagesPower App along with a new version of firmware is now available for new and existing Stages Power meters. Stages says this is the most significant revision since the release of the Stages Power meter early this year.

As a refresher, Stages Power is a power measuring device manufactured in Boulder, Colorado that’s affixed to the inside of a bike’s non-drive side crank arm, and uses strain gauges to determine power output by measuring deflection (aka extremely subtle microscopic bending) of that crank under load. All that information is then doubled to account for the fact that it’s measuring just one leg, then transmitted to the receiving device of your choice (Garmin, iPhone, etc.) via ANT+ or Bluetooth technology. There’s also an inboard accelerometer to measure speed and cadence.

Stages gained an immediate following in part because with a starting price of $700, its power meters are more affordable than most other options on the market.

The revised App and firmware package bring a host of benefits to power meters already in the field. The highlight of the new package includes Stages Cycling’s first foray into high speed data collection. Using the StagesPower App, riders can now capture pedaling force and torque metrics at a rate of 64 times per second. This raw data can then be emailed directly from the App and analyzed in an Excel spreadsheet.

The new high speed data feature uses the Stages Power meter’s Bluetooth data connection to communicate the high-speed stream to the StagesPower App. The new feature does not interfere with the meter’s standard ANT+ data transmission, so that standard once-per-second power data can be recorded concurrently using an ANT+ device.

This latest firmware also includes the latest ANT+ protocol, including: torque efficiency and pedaling smoothness, both metrics launched with Garmin’s latest 510 and 810 head units and power products.

StagesPower now also includes battery metrics for both ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols, in different forms; the Bluetooth StagesPower App now includes a battery level indicator icon when connected. When using ANT+ devices, the Stages Power meter will send a low battery warning when there are roughly 10 hours of battery power left.

Check out screen shots of the new App features in the gallery below.

Stages Power Meter Updates iOS App and Firmware Gallery

Stages Power App

This is the Stages Power high speed data recording page. Here you can start, stop, delete and email your high speed data capture.

Stages Power App

Screen shot of the Stages Power App connection page

Stages Power App

This is the new data page that allows you to look at a Stages Power meter's stored calibration data, including its serial number, ANT ID, crank length, slopes and general information.

Stages Power App

This is the page you'll see when you first connect to the StagesPower App, you can zero reset from here or update your firmware. You'll notice the 'Tools' and 'High Speed' buttons are greyed out. A Stages Power user must first update to the latest firmware in order to enable these features.

Stages Power Meter

The actual unit weighs less than 20 grams and is affixed to the non-drive-side crank.

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