The Angry Singlespeeder: Is Las Vegas the Best Interbike Can Do?

Why must such an incredible event representing one of mankind’s greatest creations be contained in one of mankind’s worst creations?

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Before I start sending certain people into an uproar, let me start by saying this is not a rant to criticize and call out all the hardworking, tireless people who make Interbike happen. I am amazed by Interbike. It fascinates me. The size and scope of it are absolutely awe-inspiring. The fact that an organization can pull off an event of Interbike’s magnitude blows my mind. I have a ton of respect and admiration for everyone who helps put it all together.

Having said that, please consider what I’m about to say just a question. An inquiry. An opportunity for open discussion where good ideas can be shared and solutions can be offered. I care about the bike industry and everyone in it, which is why I ask:

Is Las Vegas really the best Interbike can do?

I know it’s a question that’s been asked ad nauseam, yet it continues to be asked for good reason. I’m not the only one in the bike industry who thinks Las Vegas represents everything that is so horrifically wrong about humanity. I feel filthy, pissed off, annoyed and depressed every time I set foot within city limits.

It’s a non-stop barrage of neon lights, obnoxious advertising, fake body parts, sleazy, dirty sex, half-rate Elvis impersonators and moronic, drunken tourists. The bicycle is one of mankind’s greatest creations, so why must we showcase it in the heart of one of mankind’s worst creations?

The contradiction couldn’t be greater. Having a trade show that promotes efficiency, simplicity, health, outdoor recreation and family in a city that exemplifies waste, excess, sickness, spending your life indoors and the exploitation of women doesn’t compute to me. It would be like holding the North American Auto Show in the country’s biggest wildlife sanctuary.

While I understand why Interbike is in Las Vegas – cheap, affordable flights from all over the country, affordable hotel rooms out the fart pipe and gargantuan exhibit spaces that can accommodate ONE MILLION square feet – there has to be a better answer. There has to. I understand Interbike exists to make a profit. But Interbike also exists to sell cycling products, celebrate the bicycle and the amazing people who make the industry tick. So which is the priority here?

There are other cities in the United States with far more orientation to outdoor recreation just foaming at the mouth to get an opportunity to host one of the largest bicycle trade shows in the world. I’m sure they would bend over backwards. But it seems many of these cities get pooh-poohed because flights aren’t cheap or accessible enough and hotel rooms are too expensive.

So flights are cheap in Vegas and so are hotel rooms. Great. But nobody seems to consider the fact that a cup of coffee runs four bucks, a crappy sandwich ten bucks and a beer worth drinking is priced competitively with your local pro sports stadium. Nevermind the constant barrage of “resort fees”, advertisements, promotions, shady taxi cab drivers and jerks on the strip pushing postcards in your face about some night club sure to rape your wallet and leave you with an unpronounceable disease. And last time I checked, unpronounceable diseases are pretty expensive to cure. So add that to your Vegas bill.

All said and done, that hundred bucks you saved on a flight to Vegas is chump change compared to the money wasted just being in Vegas.

About the author: Kurt Gensheimer

Kurt Gensheimer thinks the bicycle is man’s most perfect invention. He firmly believes ‘singlespeed’ is a compound word. He sometimes wears a disco ball helmet. He is also known as Genshammer. He is a Gemini and sleeps outside in a hammock.

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  • Ross Shafer says:

    Amen! Vegas sucks!

  • SteveVarnum says:

    Interesting comments. It has been nearly 15 years since I last visited Las Vegas for the purposes of attending a convention. You actually covered the reasons my organization, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), used Vegas…cost and convenience. Back then I didn’t find it nearly as offensive as painted in your article. Has it changed that much? However, my last visit was more interesting and productive: I was in Las Vegas to ride my bike more than 100 miles as part of my “Grand Adventure” to ride 100 miles in all 50 states. Las Vegas was where I chose to ride in Nevada. I was there November 2010 with just a few of the 48 states left which I finished by the end of the month. (Hawaii and Alaska in 2011.) So Vegas carries a certain charm for me now. My blog:

  • marty says:

    I agree, also, with Kurt. Being propositioned as you walk down a street or getting out of a cab reflects on the city’s trade and value system. Change the venue location and I’ll be back.

  • 2thlesswithta2s says:

    I share the opinion that Vegas is a garish scar on an otherwise very nice piece of desert landscape, but it takes more to put on an event than space & hotel rooms. Along with all the nasty crap that Vegas has, it also has the best event services & infrastructure in the country & perhaps the world. They get the kind of event participation they do because they make it relatively simple & cheap for the organizers as well as the participants. No other venue even comes close. Look at it this way: your cheap hotel room & event registration are being underwritten by all the ass-hats loosing their shirts at the gambling tables & strip clubs.

  • baggy1970 says:

    4 bucks for a cup of coffee? Really? That’s a pretty standard price for a “fancy-ccino” anywhere you go. I’ve lived in Las Vegas for almost 10 years and I rarely go to the strip. It’s for most of the reasons listed in the article. Vegas is a cheesy, ridiculous city. Everyone knows that. Away from the strip it’s just like most cities in the southwestern US: bad drivers, Wal-Mart, good places, bad places, etc. I agree with Mr. Snavely, the snobby Interbike people fit perfectly in Las Vegas.

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