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About once a year or so we like to get the car serviced. The dealer is out in Tysons Corner.

Not that all of the area isn’t messed up traffic-wise but Tysons Corner is outstanding. For us though the bike trails aren’t too far away from the dealer (one of the main reasons we chose that dealer).

Drop it off nice and early, a couple nasty miles in ‘burb hell and it is time for the W&OD trail.

Pretty nice riding at sunrise on a nice warm fall morning.

Traffic looked bad on the beltway but I wasn’t on the beltway.

attachment-1.jpg dscn0019.jpg



Traffic on the trail picked up as I got closer to town.

The W&OD wasn’t all that crazy for a MUT but when I turned onto the Custis Trail the excitement level seemed to ramp up with every mile.

It sure beats driving.

Most folks turned off at the Key Bridge so the little stretch Mount Vernon Trail I used was quite calm. A short hop across the Potomac on the Roosevelt Bridge and “Hello Work”!








Work wasn’t bad today but there was this car to pick up.

Bike ride!

I had to get across the mall to meet Miss M before crossing the 14th Street Bridge and taking the reverse route from this morning.

The Mount Vernon Trail gets pretty busy on a nice warm afternoon. The Custis Trail is always a fun little climb. After those the W&OD seems almost calm.


Still it beats driving.







We have always noticed a big difference between the morning and evening commutes.

Mostly in the morning anyone out just wants to go about their business and stay out of everyone elses way. In the evening OTOH there are always sport folks out looking to race anyone who dares go faster then them.

Miss M won’t put up with that foolishness (let’s face it, we have seen far too many stupid crashes on the MUTs to ever want to play games while riding). No one is allowed to get on our wheel-too bad since I was hoping to get some pix of Miss M blowing through stop signs for Gregory Taylors thread but we were going way too fast at the intersections for me to be comfortable shooting.

Other than that is was a very nice evening to ride and we were treated to a subtle sunset.

Alas, every so often as we were enjoying our ride we would catch a view of traffic-not pretty. Why anyone would ever deal with that on a regular basis is beyond us (and alas we were getting an idea of what we were going to have to deal with driving home).

As for driving; let’s just say that we would rather ride.

Turned out to be about as bad as we expected (took us a nasty hour and a half to get home driving (a lot longer than it took us to get out there on our bikes)) but at least the car is taken care of for another year.

Ride your bike.

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