Women’s Test Team: Women’s Bibshorts Review Part 2

Apparel Pro Review

Capo Cipressa Bibshort 2.0

Sizes: XS to L
Color: Black
MSRP: $190
More info: www.CapoCycling.com
Note: Only two pairs of test shorts received.

What The Manufacturer Says

Made in Italy with HG Lycra coldblack and Carbon Lycra that regulates temperature and delivers unmatched muscle compression. Part of the GS Series that pushes the envelope with leading-edge Italian style and innovation. Advanced anatomic designs, muscle compression, thermal regulation, and cycling performance technologies. Top of the line construction in every pure detail. All to ensure maximum comfort, support, fatigue reduction, and freedom of movement.

Tester: Lisa Sumner (Size Tested: Medium)

Fit: The shorts portion of the bib fit me perfectly, the legs went to mid-thigh and the leg bands were just tight enough that knee or leg warmers stay in place. The top portion of the bib, however, was too long and just ended up being bunched up extra material around my mid-section while I rode.

Function: The Capo bibs look and wear like a body suit. The top part of the bib is a combination of mesh and stretchy Lycra and wears like a tank top. I found no useful purpose for this feature of the bib and for me it fit poorly, and just felt like an extra layer of material that made me sweat more on a hot day. As fall approaches, however, the extra layer of material could be beneficial and act as an extra base layer. Due to the design, I felt like I was wearing shorts instead of bibs. The Lycra material stops just above my tummy, where a short would, and transitioned into the mesh/Lycra upper. The placement of the material transition was uncomfortable when riding and created an unflattering tummy bulge like when you wear shorts. The chamois, however, was quite comfortable. It is a good size, thicker in the back, thinner up front and has a strategically placed vertical slit in the back and horizontal slit closer to the front which helps the chamois contour to the shape of a body without being bulky.

Materials: The Lycra has a different feel compared to the other bibs tested. It is a stiff material with small, narrow ridges and was comfortable when riding. The seams on the inside of the bib stick out, and each time I rode in these short I had noticeable seams lines on my legs, but the seams never caused any chaffing.

Fashion: The bib shorts are pretty nondescript, all black with a medium sized logo down the front of the left leg. Since there are two seams that attach the mesh with the loose Lycra on the upper part of the bib, if you’re wearing a tighter fitting jersey you see the seam lines just like you would the lines from a bib strap.

Additional Comments
: Capo did attempt to design their bib differently for a woman, however, I didn’t understand the utility of the design and it makes it no easier to use the restroom during a ride.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Tester: Elizabeth Train (Size Tested: Small)

Fit: I love the way these fit. They’re comfortable, supportive and fit me perfectly.

Function: The full coverage on top is nice. It’s very breathable, so it’s not hot (which I was afraid of, at first) and felt super comfortable. The chamois in these bibs is great, too. I’m not sure if they’re hoping folks can skip the sports bra with this design — but I certainly couldn’t.

Materials: This is perhaps my favorite thing about the Capo bibs. The materials used throughout this get-up are ultra light-weight, breathable, and super high quality. They just feel great.

Fashion: They look great, too! I love the detailing on these bibs — everything from the contrasting textures of the panels, gussets, and upper area to the logo placement — they’re beautiful. Great length, too.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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  • Vicky R says:

    Why weren’t Gore’s Xenon 2.0 Lady Bibtights tested? They sell for $200. I buy a new pair or two every year. They have compression legs, look nice, and fit well,. They also have a very handy bio break access capability via two large zippers in the back that open all the way around the sides. They make bathroom or porta potty stops very easy and quick. I wear them on all my century and metric rides as the chamois is very comfortable for long rides.

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