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TCR Extra Light (12lbs)

TCR Extra Light (12lbs)

Original Giant TCR with the really light stuff. Weight as shown 5.55Kg, but there's another pound easily dropped for the final weigh-in.

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Outstanding build. How are you dropping another pound! Howz it ride??

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Another pound is easily found: The Cinelli Ram bar/stem weighs a massive 420g, so I could lose 100+ just going to a Syntace and ttt bars, 200 if I go Schmolke. There's another 50g in a new seat and seatpost, as those are old now and lighter ones are available. The tires are great, but heavy at 290g each. I've ridden Tufo 160 Jets which would save 260g the pair.
Then of course there's another 200gm in a lighter frame (R3 SL), which is where all this started actually--I went looking for a new frame and ended up buying new wheels. Funny how that happens!
This bike rides just fine--perhaps not as stiff as a lot would prefer, but I'm very used to it, and don't feel that it is limiting me. The wheels and tires are very wonderful.
I'm a big believer in reducing weight to make the constant micro-accelerations that real riding requires. The reason why the physicists don't understand bicycles is that they assume those micro-accelerations away.

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