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[Aug 20, 2002]
Tim McNamara
Recreational Rider


The frame was superbly finished; when it arrived, the headset had been installed and was perfectly adjusted. The frame came with D/T adapters for bar-end shifters, and there was a hanger for the front brake cable installed, as well as bolts in all the water bottle bosses, fender bosses and dropout eyelets- none of whihc had been mentioned in the literature so I was very impressed. Alignment was perfect and the bike went together in under 45 minutes. My A/R is a very attractive bike with excellent handling and road manners. It could be road raced without any problem, and could be used for fairly loaded touring without problems. It is superb for descending and is a good climber, the long chainstays preventing "wheelies" on steep pitches. I've ridden it many times on my racing club's weekly hammerfest. Very comfortable despite actually being too small for me, thanks to the Nitto stem.


The smaller wheels seem to take more effort to keep turning, and I feel slightly more tired after 60-100 mile rides than on my 700C wheeled road bike. They are also noticeably rougher over bad pavement or bumpy trails, and if I was to do a lot of that I'd put 26 x 1.25 tires on it.

I bought my Rivendell All-Rounder in 1996. At that time they were built to Rivendell's specs by Waterford Precision Bicycles from Reynolds 753. All the A/Rs at that time came with 26" wheels, now the larger sizes like mine (59.5 cm) come with 700C. BTW the purchase price is for frame/fork/headset and doesn't include the rest of the components. I would estimate I paid about $2100 total, I can't recall.

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