Guerciotti 2001 PRX Older Racing Bike


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[May 04, 2003]
Road Racer


Great handling, good weight, stiff, unusual, artistic. Great lugs with unusual design, chrome chainstays add to strength and looks. Hand painted, hand made.


Weight may be an issue if you obcess with grams. This is a super lite steel frame and lighter than many aluminums. It comes down to the difference in full water bottles or empty ones. The rigidity more than makes up for the weight.

This is one fantastic steel bike. It is made from one of the stiffest tubesets available. The paint job is flawless and the bike handles like a dream. Despite the material the frame is still incredibly lite. I could have employee-purchased a Klein, Trek, Schwinn (yuck) or GT but I bought this frame from Bulltek Sports and It was worth every penny. It handles better than any frame I have ridden, especialy in sprints. It might be a little heavy if climbing is your forte but other than that the weight is not an issue. It's a fact that stiffer frames are more responsive and handle better than other materials. (Maybe carbon is a tie). The frame is skinny compared to the newer steels sold in the use but that is just because they have to oversize the tubes to maintain stiffness. This is more or less an asthetic fad. The lugs are an art all their own. If you want a great handling bike that sticks out in a crowd and not somthing that everyone in your town is ridding then check out this bike. Everyone at my bike shop absolutely loved it and we have quite a collection of fine bikes between us all. Buy this if you are a sprinter. Go for something in carbon if you are a feather weight climber. Get something cheaper if you don't want to race. Don't even think of buying this frame if you want a TT or Tri bike.

Similar Products Used:

SOMEC Super Corsa, Klein Quantum P, GT Lotto team bike, Trek USPS bike. The Klein and Trek were great bikes but the Klein wasn't as strong and the Carbon Trek just didn't have that feel.

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