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[Aug 23, 2001]
Road Racer


Reasonably stiff, nice paint, high quality for the price. I really like the rear-facing dropouts.


Oversized seatube is difficult to fit seatposts to. Nowadays, the 1" headtube is minus for stem selection. Klein has since changed, though. I also had one of the bottle cage screws strip twice; costly and difficult to repair.

To my knowledge, Klein discontinued the Stage a while ago. I got mine in '97 with RSX stuff on it. The only thing stock on my bike is the frame and one or two of the bottle cage screws. Still, Stupidgo was selling the frames a few months back for like $199. This is a great buy for those getting into cycling. The ride is pretty stiff, though there is some BB flex. Not as forgiving as the upper end Kleins, but way more supple aluminum than any other bargain Aluminum I've ridden. I have ridden and raced the frame for almost five years now, and have had no problems. As for the original components, they worked fine but were getting a little worn. The original stem was the worst, flexy piece of crap I've used. It had about 1-2cm vertical movement when I put my weight on it. As for my current components, I love them. I have ridden the Campy for about 3000 miles and haven't even adjusted the der. It works flawlessly, and I will never buy Shimano for anything Cyclocross racing, because there nothing lasts. I have mixed feelings about the Ksyriums, but suffice it to say that they aren't as durable as everyone says, but if you find a good deal on them they're good for racing. As for the Stage, the only reason I'm looking to get a new frame is because I outgrew it. I'm a junior, and have grown about 10" since I got the bike, and now have to run a 150cm stem. I would definetely reccomend this bike.

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