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[Apr 05, 2001]
Recreational Rider


I'm old-fashioned, having raced in the late '70s and early '80s, and I'm biased (aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber need not apply). So then, for me, the strengths of this bike are its lugged steel design, durability, comfort, and classic road racing geometry. Also, I got the optional Imron paint finish which is another strong point. I once owned a late '70s Trek with Imron paint (it's really an epoxy finish) and I can attest that it's a very, very durable finish for bicycles.

Investment cast lugs, forged dropouts, Columbus chrome-moly tubing... all ancient, but damn they work well togther. My Futura Leggero is one of the last to have been made with Columbus Brain OS tubing with Nivachrome forks. By mid-2000 the Futura Leggero was made with Columbus Zona tubing (basically the same stuff, with thinner walls) and for 2001 it gets a proprietary Zona tubing that Mondonico calls "747".

Fit and finish are, overall, quite good and the lug work is very clean.


Cheesy graphics. Too many "Mondonico" decals (there are 11 of them!) and the "hand made" decal is super tacky. And you cannot order the bike without them. Sheesh. The bike would be so much more classy and elegant with a couple of "Mondonico" decals on the down tube and maybe one on each fork blade, but that's it.

Otherwise, the bike has no flaws that I can find. Some riders and "weight wienies" may feel that it's a bit heavy compared to state-of-the-art aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber frames, but I can't really feel that this bike is "heavy" whilst riding.

Having grown up on classic (read "vintage") European road racing bikes, I really appreciate that someone still makes a classic lugged steel road racing frame. Although the Columbus Brain tubing isn't really all that different from the Columbus SL that I was used to, this Mondonico simply outperforms any of the bikes I've previously owned. It accelerates great, climbs extremely well, corners better than some bikes with Criterium geometry and makes fast descents with great stability. This bike has no weaknesses in performance. Frame flex is non-existent. I was 200 lb when I first got it... now, a year later, I'm 170 lb (and stronger) and I still can't make it flex. The frameset and wheels provide a smooth ride and the bike is very responsive. All in all, I couldn't be more pleased.

If you like classic lugged steel Italian road racing bikes (remember those old Cinelli Super Corsa's? Oh baby!), you'll really like this bike. It's classic, but completely modern.

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